UP expert commends DMCI Homes’ water conservation initiatives

An expert from the University of the Philippines (UP) Institute of Environmental Science and Meteorology has lauded the innovative water conservation initiatives of DMCI Homes, noting their long-term impact in supplementing freshwater supply in the country, particularly in Metro Manila.

According to professor Mayzonee Ligaray, incorporating full water-recycling facilities and rain-harvesting systems in DMCI Homes’ new condominiums like The Erin Heights, Fortis Residences, and Sage Residences should be emulated by other developers to reduce the demand for freshwater in the metro.

“What DMCI Homes is doing is very sustainable, not only in providing water for residents, but in lessening dependence on water resource of the community. If this is practiced by other corporations, this is a smart, most sustainable way to use water that does not come from our freshwater resources,” Ligaray said.

Professor Mayzonee Ligaray

Huge demand in urban areas

The UP expert said every drop of water conserved is important because one of the major factors contributing to the depletion of freshwater supply is the huge demand from commercial and industrial buildings in urban areas.

“These industries and factories use a lot of water that’s why these urban areas demand more water as compared to rural areas in the country,” she said.

Lalo na marami tayong condominiums na tinatayo and there are also a lot of industries na gumagamit ng cooling systems for their buildings na gumagamit ng maraming, maraming tubig,” she added.

Improper water discharge

University of the Philippines’ Institute of Environmental Science and Meteorology

The degradation of the quality of freshwater resources due to improper discharge of storm and rainwater is another major factor that adds to water stress.

“Urban areas in Metro Manila are not equipped to properly discharge stormwater and to properly collect the rainwater as well, kaya napupunta lahat sa urban runoff and this causes flooding,” Ligaray explained.

“When this happens, the flood carries with it a lot of pollutants. When it goes to the rivers and other freshwater resources, it results in contamination. If we have less water resources, it will affect the available water for Metro Manila,” she added.

A first with full water-recycling facilities

While some condos in DMCI Homes are already using water from rainwater harvesting and sewage treatment facilities to maintain landscaped areas, the real estate company is taking its sustainability initiatives up a notch by building condos with full water recycling and treatment capabilities.

The Erin Heights, a single-tower development rising along Commonwealth Avenue in Tandang Sora, Quezon City, is the first of its kind in the residential condo category in the country to have a full water recycling and treatment facility. (Artist’s illustration of The Erin Heights building facade)

The first of its kind in the residential condo category in the country, DMCI Homes is building a full water recycling and treatment facility in its new projects such as The Erin Heights in Tandang Sora, Quezon City; Fortis Residences in Chino Roces Ave., Makati City; and Sage Residences in Mandaluyong City. 

The facility is capable of collecting and treating wastewater to make it fit for general use, landscape irrigation, and maintenance of amenities, among other beneficial purposes.

Millions of liters saved yearly

For the project, DMCI Homes is tapping its in-house experts and working with professional wastewater management contractors to ensure a quality and efficient treatment process in producing Class A-certified treated water, in accordance with the standards set by the Environmental Management Bureau.

With the treatment facility, condominiums can potentially save up to 182 million liters of water annually, according to a DMCI Homes’ Design and Engineering Department study.

This also means homeowners can save a lot on their water bills and the community can have enough backup water supply in the event of a water shortage.

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