Buildrite launches new products

Buildrite Construction Chemicals launches ‘First in the Philippines’ products — Readycrete: Ready-Mix Concrete in a Bag and SmartBond Flex: The First Flexible Tile Adhesive.

The launch, held at the  recently concluded PhilConstruct 2022, was a historic moment for Magna Prime Chemical Technologies Inc., especially for its brands Buildrite and Sinclair Paints, as it marked the start of a company tradition of launching new, innovative products at every annual PhilConstruct event.

Readycrete is the first and only ready-mix concrete in a bag in the Philippines, providing convenience for many construction projects. 

This innovative product provides a consistent concrete mix design. Small to medium projects don’t have to rely on job site mixing anymore, which is the primary cause of concrete problems, especially insufficient compressive strength. Readycrete is recommended for projects that are inaccessible to ready-mix concrete deliveries. No need for trucks or stocks of sand and aggregates.

For finishing projects, SmartBond Flex is the first flexible tile adhesive in the Philippines. The flexibility of the tile adhesive addresses a very specific problem that causes tiles to pop out – movement of tiles and substrate. Aside from excellent adhesion, tiling also requires a tile adhesive with excellent flexibility to withstand the movements of tiles and substrate during thermal expansion and contraction, including the structural movements caused by traffic and external factors. SmartBond Flex tile adhesive acts as a movement absorber, which then prevents the tile adhesive from cracking.

With the addition of Readycrete and SmartBond Flex to its product portfolio, the company will continue to develop more innovative solutions and educate people about cost-efficient, reliable, and sustainable construction chemical products and methodologies.