Adelaida Mountain Residences: The home you have been looking for

People love going on out-of-town trips and sightseeing. We feel energized when surrounded by mountains, cool breeze, and trees. Studies have shown that seeing a beautiful landscape have a good effect on our mental health.

One of city living’s most significant drawbacks is the lack of outdoor space, green view and fresh air. To live a happy and excellent life, a change of scenery would be helpful.

Imagine if you don’t just add natural designs to your home but live in a home surrounded by majestic mountain view. Here in Adelaida Mountain Residences, you and your loved ones can flourish in a great scenery and nourish the gift of life.

Your home with nature as a backdrop

Adelaida Mountain Residences is A Brown Company Inc.’s pioneering master-planned community in Tanay, Rizal. While most developers claim that their project is inspired by nature, Adelaida Mountain Residences is right at the center of Tanay’s majestic mountain view. This project will feature lots and housing units together with a commercial frontage, surrounded by a view of Laguna Lake and the Sierra Madre mountain range.

“I always had taken the position that land should be kept, to be developed eventually, otherwise, there’s no reason to just hold it. When the opportunity came to develop it, I felt it was my obligation to get it started” said Dr. Walter William Bendaña Brown, A Brown chairman. 

During the pandemic, Dr. Brown had the opportunity to spend more time in Tanay, Rizal, and noticed the growing potential of his hometown. Armed with practical experience, knowledge, and genuine love for his community, he urged the local chief executive to maximize the development of land areas in the mountainous barangays.

Adelaida Mountain Residences sits atop Sampaloc, Tanay, Rizal. Its elevated location gives the area a cool temperature. On the average, it’s 4 degrees Celsius lower than Metro Manila! While enjoying a cool weather, from here, future residents can enjoy overlooking the beautiful Sierra Madre Mountain Range. And as Mr. Brown said, “it’s not something that you see everywhere.”

The home you have been looking for

If you have been renting out for years and are now ready to get your first home for your growing family, you will consider lot size, accessibility and amenities. You will want a home that offers generous space for your family to enjoy, safe and secure surroundings for the kids, and a community that offers a modern lifestyle and convenience. 

Adelaida Mountain Residences

After years of working and living in the city, you might be one of those retirees longing for a quiet life, living in a home with a nice landscape, a property you can turn into a small garden or farm, and a place where you can invite family and friends for a weekend get together.

Adelaida Mountain Residences complements the breathtaking view of nature with its modern facilities and a comfortable community. The roads are constructed 10-12meter wide, lined with trees that will be illuminated at night. The clubhouse and amenities are state-of-art.  Access to 5G data and fiber are available to help you get connected online. 

Whether you are a first-time home buyer, a retiree, a home upgrader or an investor, Adelaida Mountain Residence will provide you with the perfect home you have been looking for. 

“Adelaida Mountain Residences is a place to stay, where you have all the entities you need, and yet you have good weather, fresh air, and so much space to breathe. You don’t have to worry about wearing a mask to protect yourself from pollution,” Dr. Brown added.

You and your family can get a quiet escape from the busy urban life and marvel at the majestic view of mountain ranges. 

Adelaida Mountain Residences is a master-planned and gated community boasting around 40% of open spaces for its residents. The four phases of the property will offer residents a variety of amenities ranging from a tree-lined community with birds singing throughout the day to a picturesque riverscape and promenade surrounded by trees. The property is not within the Valley Fault System, specifically, East Valley Fault, as certified by Phivolcs.  Residential lot area starts at 252sqm.

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