Aboitiz Land Embraces Innovations to Lead Filipinos to Their Dream Homes

Aboitiz Land has long recognized the role of digitization and innovation in shaping the future of business, allowing the real estate developer to stay ahead of the curve. Pre-pandemic, the company has already begun implementing programs and efforts to institute digitization and innovation in its business operations.

As it moves forward to fully embody digital transformation as a future-forward property developer, Aboitiz Land stays true to its mission to lead more people home by leveraging innovation, digital technology, data science and artificial intelligence to create more sustainable, future-ready communities. This is in line with their aim of bolstering inclusive and sustainable growth by spurring innovation, boosting efficiencies, and improving services. 

Thus, as the digital age in the Philippines grows ever more advanced and technology becomes more and more integrated in many facets of everyday life, Aboitiz Land goes beyond as the company intensifies its advancements and takes the fore in Innovating Ways to Lead You Home.

Innovating the home buyer’s journey

“We envision millions of Filipino families living in our communities that are built for the future. Aboitiz Land has long ensured that the investments we have made are future-ready and can be beneficial for generations to come,” said Aboitiz Land CEO and President David Rafael ​​.

“To continue to give our homeowners the best, we plan to capitalize on digitization and innovation. On the business side, our goal is to become a major contributor to Aboitiz’s techglomeracy – to deliver synergy with industries within the Aboitiz group, and establish partnerships with other innovation-forward companies for superior, differentiated products and customer experiences.”

“The world right now is unpredictable. We are creating opportunities for the future-readiness of the business, and we’re leading our stakeholders towards a more future-ready home.” he added.

Aboitiz Land started to innovate ways to lead you home through the contactless home buying service. From property search to turnover, the digitally enabled end-to-end service helps prospective residents take the entire home-buying journey in a simple, safe, and convenient process.

Their proprietary Vecino App, their virtual tours, social media platforms, responsive website, and other digital tools also help streamline Aboitiz Land’s contactless home buying process. These tools that the company has long invested in have made it easier for buyers and sales partners to search for a property, reserve a unit, submit documentary requirements, complete monthly amortizations, apply for a housing loan and turnover a unit.

Aboitiz Land has also partnered with mortgage brokerage firms that help customers find the best home loan products at no added cost, depending on where they are financially, making home ownership more accessible.

After-sales customer service has also been enhanced to offer omnichannel support, as the trend for personalized quality of service surges, the ability to meet customers where they are is of utmost importance. Homebuyers or vecinos, are also empowered with self-service tools such as the Vecino Support Hub where they are able to lodge service tickets and track ticket history and access answers to frequently asked questions about the home buying process. Vecinos also get to share feedback in real time enabling real-time customer satisfaction tracking.

With these digital tools and more, Aboitiz Land empowers property buyers to realize their dream and lead them home.

Adapting innovative construction technologies

Digital innovation isn’t the only frontier Aboitiz Land intends to capitalize on. Innovative construction technologies are also a crucial pillar in their business transformation. In 2021, Aboitiz Land inked a partnership deal with Connovate on the supply of the renowned Danish precast technology. This uses high-strength concrete for sandwich panels that are more durable, slim, compact, and have premium thermal insulation that makes the panels fire and earthquake-resistant. Homes at Aboitiz Land’s Seafront Residences in San Juan, Batangas will be built using this technology.

Aboitiz Land also partnered with the Philippine division of Sumitomo Mitsui Construction Co., LTD. (SMCC Philippines), a Japanese construction firm offering precast concrete panel technology to help construct a significant number of houses at The Villages at Lipa.

Aboitiz Land has invested in technologies that will speed up planning, designing, and building structures. These include the use of cloud-based drone mapping, cloud-based 3D modeling, integrated construction management platforms as well as the use of smart blocks systems. 

Nurturing innovation from within

Closer to its own home, Aboitiz Land is continuously innovating even with its internal processes to respond to the evolving needs of the post-pandemic workforce. The developer continues to embrace the hybrid work set-up which has proven to be efficient for the past two years. The company adapts digital technology to automate, streamline and expedite its processes, enabling it to focus on product development, customer relations, and employee engagement.

“In the same way we nurture the people who have found their dream homes within our properties, our work culture is built on valuing and nurturing our people, ensuring their well-being and growth. Our team embraces diversity, equity, and inclusion, and we make work meaningful for everyone. This environment helps our team think creatively and inspire innovation so that, in a way, they’re led to their own home here within the company,” said Rafael.

Harnessing technology for a sustainable future

With its visionary approach, Aboitiz Land embraces the overarching move of the Aboitiz group to be the country’s first “techglomerate”, a conglomerate that maximizes technology and encourages innovation and synergy among the business units. Aboitiz Data Innovation (ADI), the group’s data science and AI (DSAI) unit, has announced the launch of Parlay, a data exchange platform. With the platform, businesses from across the conglomerate’s various industries can access data from different industries, such as power, banking and financial services, manufacturing, land, infrastructure, and food.

Digital innovations have found their way to the center of every business. Aboitiz Land realizes the need to pivot and adapt to the fast-changing needs of the business landscape. How things were done before the pandemic may no longer apply in the post-Covid era.  Equipped with its rich history of successful real estate developments, Aboitiz Land is poised to expand its business through digital transformation, leveraging the power of innovation and leading more Filipinos home.

For over 25 years, Aboitiz Land has stayed true to its promise of innovating ways to bring more Filipinos home through its thriving master-planned communities. It now looks to further expand its reach by continuing to develop innovative and fully-integrated communities in more locations across the Philippines. A subsidiary of the Aboitiz Group, it is built on a firm foundation with a hundred-year heritage of advancing business and communities. For more information about Aboitiz Land, please visit www.aboitizland.com.