Say hello to digital land titles, thanks to LRA’s eSerbisyo

The Land Registration Authority (LRA) is now digitizing land title transactions in the Philippines to have more secured titles and documents and to prevent duplication and overlaps.

During the 2022 National Developers Convention last month, LRA administrator Gerardo Sirios said the agency has been working with the Land Registration Systems Inc. (LARES) for its Land Titling Computerization Project (LTCP).

According to LRA, the computerization program streamlines the processing of certified true copies (CTC) of documents and titles through the eSerbisyo portal.

“The new normal is right now, coming from the pandemic two years ago. We see internet use during the work-from-home arrangement; thus, we are trying to improve our computerization program,” Sirios said during the two-day convention organized by the Subdivision and Housing Developers Association (SHDA).

The LTCP also aims to standardize the processes, fees and requirements; have up-to-date information and records available and accessible anywhere, and have disaster recovery and business continuity.

“Implemented under the Build-Operate-Transfer law using the Build-Operate-Own scheme, the LTCP enabled services such as title upgrade program, citizen’s land registration portal, Philippines personal property security registry, and online payment system,” the LRA noted.

95 percent of titles completed

Teddy Sumulong, CEO and president of LARES, said they have a nationwide operation to support all the registry of deeds of the LRA.

As of this writing, LARES has already scanned roughly 95 percent of the titles of LRA.

“We support them from computerization to printing, ensuring LRA can achieve their goals of providing the general public with the service they require,” Sumulong said.

He added that Filipinos may now request CTC of documents and land titles from LRA by registering to the eSerbisyo portal, providing the details of the requested document, and paying through the chosen payment channel.

“The customers will then receive the requested documents at their doorstep,” Sumulong said. “Without technology, there are many things we cannot do.”

LARES e-payment options include Gcash, Paymaya, Landbank, and any Mastercard, JCB and Visa cards to fast-track the request.


SHDA President May Rodriguez said the modernization project will help not only the developers but also their customers in acquiring titles conveniently “in just a few clicks, especially as they provide an e-payment option and a door-to-door delivery.”

SHDA National Developers Convention chairperson Maya Colayco said  the digitization program would enhance efficiency in the issuance and processing of CTCs.

“This is important to the operations of housing developers and the housing industry and will greatly enhance access and delivery of housing services and units to the homebuyers,” Colayco said.