Rome ready to host World Expo 2030

The race is on toward winning the right to host the World Expo 2030. My native country, Italy, is one of the bidders along with Ukraine (Odessa), South Korea (Busan) and Saudi Arabia. (Riyadh).  Rome, also known as the “Eternal City,” is Italy’s entry.

The theme of the exhibition will have a combination of technology, science, digital technology and art. It will have three sub themes: “How digital convergence reshapes the creative industries and everyday life,” “Socio-economic impacts of the creative industries in digital convergence,” and “Cultural impacts of the creative industries in digital convergence.”

I am sure the competition will be tight as each participant will give their best foot forward to  win the hosting rights. I had the privilege to meet Prof. Romeo Orlandi, special ambassador for Bid Committee Expo 2030 Roma, during a meeting with thought leaders and major shakers at the residence of Italian Ambassador to the Philippines Marco Clemente in Makati City.

Rome is famous for many landmarks including the Colosseum

Orlandi said he is optimistic Italy can bring home the bacon. Although the competition will be very stiff, he is confident because the Italian government is giving its all out support.

The private meeting was part of the Italian government’s campaign to promote Rome’s bid here in the Philippines. Through our Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Italian embassies around the world are tasked to promote the candidacy of Rome. I had the honor to be joined by major thought leaders, influential personalities and intellectuals to get their views and asked their support to promote the candidacy of Rome in the Philippines.

Orlandi has been traveling the world to promote the Italian campaign. The Philippines was his first stop.

As far as Italy is concerned, Rome was chosen by the Italian government to host the event if it wins in the bidding. Being a native of Rome, I feel proud and happy because the city is well known all over the world and has a very rich legacy.

World Expo composite photo from Bureau International des Expositions (

Personally,  I believe Rome is a perfect location for the event as it has a very rich historical background, being one of the centers of civilization. Assuming Rome wins the bid, millions of visitors will not enjoy the happenings at the Expo, but will also get the opportunity to appreciate the beauty of Rome.

Holding the World Expo 2030 in Rome will witness the merging of the past and the future. They will not only experience the  future when they go to the different  exhibits of the Expo, but will also see the grandeur of Rome and its different historical sites.

Following the strong impression left by the Philippine pavilion at the recent World Expo in Dubai earlier this year, I hope that Filipino thought leaders, creatives, and decision-makers will continue this impressive performance in the coming World Expos, such as the 2025 World Expo in Osaka, and the 2030 World Expo, which I personally hope will be in my home city. Considering the strong diplomatic relations between Italy and the Philippines, and strong presence of Filipinos in various cities throughout Italy, I hope that the World Expo 2030 in Rome will be a chance for both Italian and Filipino culture to shine.

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The organizer of the recently concluded World Architecture Day 2022 Celebration was United Architects of the Philippines Graduate Auxiliary (UAP), not the United Architects of the Philippines as mentioned in my previous column.

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