Italpinas Development Corp. at World Architecture Day 2022

I  had a lovely experience when I was invited recently by the United Architects Association of the Philippines as one of the guest speakers during its World Architecture Day 2022 Celebration.  It was an honour to be invited and talk about architecture in this event for influential architects in the Philippines.

I am quite fortunate that the Philippines gives me the opportunity to implement my designs in a dynamic and energetic environment through my company, Italpinas Development Corp. (IDC). It was such an honor to be given recognition as one of the country’s influential architects.  I owe this to the Philippines, my adopted home, and the inspiration for my work.

Spaces affect human behavior

In my talk, I pointed out that spaces affect human behavior, both physically and emotionally. Architects and planners have a big role to play in ensuring that people benefit positively from the design of their project.

In terms of design, I shared with the audience that I prefer the minimalist style because it is simple and classic. I have also developed a fondness for minimalist architecture because it allows a user to make his or her place recognizable.

I also believe an architect must establish a strong connection between architecture and the users. I am happy to say this is close to my heart because I am a strong advocate of  green architecture and sustainable development. We all must do our share in reducing the environmental impact of climate change.

The World Architecture Day celebration took place at Teatro Arkitekto, UAP Headquarter in Quezon City last October 2. On the photo was Arch. Jonathan Cruz (left) moderator, Arch. Romolo V. Nati, Italpinas Development Corporation’s CEO and Executive Chairman and Arch. William Ti, Jr. Principal Architect of WTA Architecture+Design Studio (right).

In IDC’s buildings, residents and end-users are enabled to do this with efficiency and enjoyment, aided by my passive performance design which allows shading and natural ventilation to assist the usual use of air conditioning. We are all responsible for what we do with our environment. I think everyone would have a positive impact if he or she focuses on reducing consumption of production and energy.

Aside from developing the aesthetic side, architects have an important role in the health and wellness of an individual. This gives people a strong sense of security in health matters. We feel better because we are surrounded by a healthy environment.

I believe the connection between architecture and the natural environment is key in promoting people’s wellbeing.

This is the reason why I design structures that are in harmony with the surroundings. In fact, structures should not antagonise the environment. Working with the environment will help produce a healthy community.

Other ways to interact

As social animals, human beings need to interact as part of the sociological process. For more than two years, we were psychologically affected by the pandemic. As a result, we looked for other ways to interact with each other.

At Italpinas Development Corp. all our projects have plenty of indoor and outdoor spaces and common areas to encourage and enable people to interact. All our projects are designed with lots of open spaces to enable people to interact. I hope other developers engage in developing open spaces.

I hope that developers and decision-makers will enhance and promote more public spaces that can be green parks, squares and other areas. People gathering together is a good way to support camaraderie as well as health.

Architecture touches all parts of our life, in moments when design and aesthetics are at the top of our minds, and also in moments when the influences of our built environment are subtle, or even just quietly supporting our health and well-being through deliberate and well-informed design. 

This year’s World Architecture Day celebration by the United Architects Association of the Philippines was a great chance to recognize this, and I was honored to attend and share IDC’s work. 

* * *

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