Typhoon-proof your home before the next storm hits

The ‘Ber months are here! Aside from ushering in the longest Filipino holiday, this season is also known to be more prone for destructive typhoons. To help spare Filipino households from experiencing the heavy toll of tropical cyclones, the no. 1 non-life insurer, Malayan Insurance, has drawn up a checklist that homeowners can follow to typhoon-proof their properties.

As soon as PAGASA weather bureau issues the first storm warning, don’t delay in inspecting, and, if needed, repairing your roof.

Check if the rivets, sealants, galvanized roof sheets, or roof tiles are securely in place. Quickly repair weak or rusted out roofing sheets to prevent leaks during the height of the storm.

Pay special attention to gutters and downspouts. Remove any debris such as dried leaves, twigs, and sand that may have accumulated in the drainpipes. Cleaning them out will ensure that rain water efficiently drains out even during the hardest of downpours.

This prevents the roof from getting flooded and incurring unnecessary weight.

After you’ve surveyed the roof, take a thorough scan of your windows.  Check if the windows’ sealants and caulking are intact.  If the impending typhoon is expected to have strong wind speeds, consider temporarily covering window panes with thick plywood. Install them on the exterior window frame to prevent the glass from breaking due to flying debris.

If your area is frequented by typhoons, you might want to invest in storm shutters. Storm shutters are permanent metal fixtures that can be rolled or pegged down to secure not only windows but the entire home. Storm shutters are more durable, convenient, and aesthetically pleasing so they can truly maintain the integrity of your home.

To make shutters safer from breakage, you can also invest in impact windows which are more resilient from shocks and collisions.  Shatter proof, wind resistant windows act the same way as the tempered glass on mobile phones. They are sturdier than regular glass panes and harder to break. A cheaper alternative to this is installing shatterproof glass films in the interior side of windows. Take note however, that the lifespan of glass stickers are not as long as impact glass.

Before you hunker down inside your home, remove any outdoor furniture, toys, garden tools, ladders, and home appliances that are just placed insecurely on your front or back yards. Bring these items inside the house or shed, or tie down large items like tables. Loose items, no matter how small, can become deadly projectiles when storm winds pick them up.

Of course, one of the best preventive measures against storms is having a home or property insurance like Malayan Insurance’s Home Protect Plus.

Home Protect Plus provides property coverage for potential losses to both the structure of the house and its contents. It’s a reliable safety net from natural disasters and also indemnifies for financial losses caused by burglary, accidental breakage of fixed glass, alterations and repairs, architect and surveyor’s fees, and personal liability, among others.

Home Protect Plus also provides personal accident insurance for the insured’s spouse and children in case of accidental death or dismemberment, family hospitalization insurance, household employee insurance, and valuable items protection.

Malayan Insurance is the country’s leading non-life insurance provider that offers comprehensive protection for properties, automotives, pets, travel, and personal accident.