AyalaLand Estates: Fulfilling promises through the years

The real estate industry is dynamic and competitive. For a company to be successful, it has to evolve with the fast-changing times and be adaptive to the changes and challenges each day brings. It has to go beyond merely building structures to building communities.

One company has stood the test of time and continues to thrive amid uncertainties from a global pandemic to economic constraints. It has remained unrelenting in its commitment to aiding national progress, community development, and individual growth through its flourishing, future-proof, and sustainable master-planned estates.

From being the Strategic Landbank Management Group of  Ayala Land Inc. (ALI), the group has spun off to become AyalaLand Estates, Inc. (ALEI) and has grown to become one of the main business lines of Ayala Land.

A decade of promises fulfilled

As ALEI celebrates its 10th anniversary this October, it looks back on a decade of “Promises Fulfilled.” The company believes that land bought is not only measured in square meters, but in the value of the promises it brings.

Nuvali. AyalaLand Estates takes pride in creating environmentally sustainable communities that will nurture even future generations. Green spaces and integrated into every estate, surrounding people with the calming influence of nature.

This is true for businesses, investments, or finding an ideal spot to live and to work. The promises are then fulfilled through projects including infrastructures, residences, offices, malls, schools, civic and institutional partnerships, and a professionally-managed curated landscape.

The company believes that building estates is about finding the potential in raw land, investing first in its own brands and products, and priming them with events and locators to make them attractive for investors.

Equipped with modern conveniences, ALEI’s estates are complete with residences, workspaces, shopping centers, and leisure developments that ensure long-term value for generations to come.

It continues to turn its developments into platforms where thriving and sustainable communities emerge and grow, ultimately becoming drivers of economic growth in strategic locations around the country from Metro Manila to the rest of Luzon, Cebu, Bacolod, Iloilo, Cagayan and Davao.

Cebu Business Park. With 30 estates around the country, AyalaLand Estates has created growth centers that have helped spur economic development within Metro Manila and beyond.

Developing efficient mixed-used estates and growth centers

As a pioneer in transforming raw land into thriving communities, ALEI has kept to its master plan of efficiently combining residential, commercial and institutional land use in its integrated estates.

Adequate green spaces are integrated for a splash of nature amid an urban backdrop. These lush landscapes are not only for aesthetics, but also to encourage people to go outside and come together with family and friends.

Its growth centers scattered around the archipelago ensure that the company is able to cater to a broad population, addressing the various needs of the community where its estates can be found.

Seamless accessibility and connectivity to and from major thoroughfares and transport hubs have always been top priorities, making certain that its communities are located within an optimum environment for people to live and work. These are supported by streets and walkways that increase and ensure pedestrian mobility and safety.

The Makati CBD. Ayala Land estates are integrated master planned developments which combine commercial, office, residential and leisure uses while keeping green spaces and refreshing streetscapes as vital elements in our estates.

Building sustainable communities

Faithful to its distinct and storied Ayala Land heritage, the company delivers on its promise of sustainable communities. All its developments are anchored in the key principles of sustainability, with ALEI continuously monitoring and recognizing the effects of climate change and shaping actions towards the promotion of sustainable development programs in the Philippines.

AyalaLand Estates’ growth and expansion are supported by constantly evolving policies and practices that respond to economic, environmental, and social issues that are of interest to and benefit of its various stakeholders. These are aligned with and supportive of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

Eco-efficient practices are integrated into its developments—from responsible land acquisition and green building design to sustainable construction practices and management.

With unique components and events, ALEI focuses on integrating arts and culture into each estate, as illustrated by the recently opened Samsung Performing Arts Theater at Circuit Makati.

Integrating arts and culture

On top of all these, ALEI recognizes the value of arts and culture in ensuring that communities remain vibrant. It gives each location a sense of place and a unique purpose, always building estates with people as top of mind. With this, it focuses on integrating arts and culture into each development, giving a space its soul and transforming it into a home.

Following through on its promise of recognizing the community’s social and personal needs, ALEI continues to build thoughtful structures and enriching communities that help residents and business owners realize their full potential.

Through the years, AyalaLand Estates’ master-planned sustainable communities  have shaped the lives of families, helped businesses, and taken an active role in nation building and safeguarding the environment. It aims to continue doing the same—and more—in the next decade and beyond.