Work from anywhere or work from Club Laiya

In this post-pandemic world where some people have the option of working from home or anywhere, one can also work from the beach or from their permanent home by the beach.

Club Laiya, a Landco development, is one such option.

This is what came to my mind when I recently visited Club Laiya in Batangas.

Here’s everything you need to know about this integrated beach resort community.

Only two hours from Metro Manila and adjacent to Landco’s Playa Laiya, the sun-kissed 24-hectare Club Laiya is a master-planned and premier leisure estate, resort, and tourism destination. 

Premier District – Residential 2

It is a sprawling property which features a mix of residential commercial lots, condotel, and tourist hubs. 

Investment potential

It is also a good investment option.

With Landco’s track record of high property appreciation of its developments in Batangas, particularly Punta Fuego with about 1,000 percent property value increase since it was developed in the 1990s, investors can rely on the strong potential for growth of their investment in Landco BeachTowns — Club Laiya.

Renowned for pioneering premium landscapes for more than three decades and now, as a subsidiary of Metro Pacific Investments Corp. (MPIC) with its chairman Manuel V. Pangilinan, Landco strengthens its commitment to deliver outstanding new lifestyle products and experiences that revolutionize resort living through Landco BeachTowns.

Captain Barbozza restaurant

Thus, investors and property owners of Club Laiya have the freedom to transform their residential-commercial properties to reflect their personalities, taste, and interests, shaping the unique seaside destination. Whether it’s a dream beach house that doubles as a bed and breakfast, a bar, café or specialty restaurant, a resort wear or arts and crafts boutique or tattoo parlor, property owners have the free rein to create their dream resort lifestyle.

Club Laiya is near recreational facilities such as the Laiya Adventure Park, Mount Dagulgol and Aplaya Laiya tourist spots.

It is an eco-friendly development. Along with Landco BeachTowns CaSoBe (Calatagan South Beach), Club Laiya is Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) registered for the properties’ sustainability program.

Every lot is accessible to the beach. There are tree-lined walkways, pedestrian routes, bicycle lanes, a beach promenade, robust common area estate WI-FI for Work from the Beach (WFB) set-up, 24/7 security with CCTV, slipway for small boats and jet ski, hotel-like property management services and hospitality and leisure facilities.

Seaside District

Part of the development is Seaside District, which highlights the combination of 106 residential-commercial lots with an average size of 300 to 3,000 square meters. Property owners and investors can be part of a lively beach community and set up a business that caters to the area’s high foot traffic of visitors and tourists.

Upper West Side District

For a broader perspective Laiya’s mountain views, the gated community of the Upper West Side is a top-notch choice. It is a little more inland yet accessible to the beach. Property owners and investors avail of this gated community’s 190 lots with an average size of 300 sqm. Each will have exclusive access to its nearly half-kilometer swimming pool and urbanized forest trail around its entire perimeter.

The Laiya Beach Club

Club Laiya Beach Front

The Laiya Beach Club is an Asian tropical beach club and the official gateway to Club Laiya. It has a second-floor restaurant overlooking the lap and infinity pools. It offers a warm welcome for residents, investors, and first-time visitors.

Cocoons at Club Laiya

Cocoons at Club Laiya

Club Laiya is a favorite among tourists for its 33 Cocoons, the cylindrical sleeping pods, each outfitted with a queen-size bed, air-conditioning, TV, and fridge, The Cocoons are a few steps away from the modern communal bathrooms balanced with its private spaces.

For more information about Landco Pacific Corporation and its BeachTowns Club Laiya and its hospitality provider Millennial Resorts, and upcoming developments, visit their website or Facebook page.