Forging ahead in full speed with the community in mind

Businesses have come and gone along with decades of various changes in society, technology and the way people live. All of these affect the landscape of how we do things today.

For Ayala Land Inc. (ALI), it forges ahead with the signs of the times but its vision remains the same – to enhance land and enrich lives for more people by turning land into progressive developments that enable communities to realize their full potential. 

“When we consider a location, we think about how we can add value to the existing community, its local economy, infrastructure, places of convergence and thereby, enrich lives for its people.” ALI President Bobby Dy said. “Size of the property is important so we can build with enough scale in our mixed-use developments to positively impact the community. We also attempt to create something unique and special in each destination.”

Credibility through the years

Riding on 34 years of experience as a full-line property developer and close to a hundred years since its parent company Ayala Corp. started property development, ALI is a true visionary in transforming raw land into thriving communities as seen in Makati, Alabang, Nuvali, and Cebu, to name a few.

The Makati Central Business District, the premier financial hub with iconic landmarks, modern office skyscrapers and pocket parks, is Ayala Land’s pioneer master planned development. It is home to renowned multinational companies and the country’s biggest businesses.

With ALI’s track record in creating large-scale, integrated, master-planned developments, the company has now brought complete and sustainable ecosystems to 47 growth centers around the country.

Moving forward, the company is set to expand to even more locations with two new large-scale master planned estates to be launched this year to reach more people and serve more communities.

A complete living experience

The company’s vision in creating its projects is not just to build structures, but to foster communities within them.

Parks and open spaces are characteristic of Ayala Land estates. These serve as spaces for relaxation and convergence for the community.

“To build a community, there has to be a sense of completeness,” explained Dy. “We design our developments to create synergies in our residential, malls, offices and hotel developments. We then integrate other essentials like schools, health facilities, pedestrian and transport infrastructure to ensure a holistic environment where one can experience life and leisure with comfort and convenience.”

Residential developments offer a range of options, whether Ayala Land Premier, Alveo, Avida, Amaia or Bellavita. Ayala Land Offices provide dynamic work places – whether traditional, BPO, or even co-working facilities. Ayala Malls give options to shop and dine, and serve as spaces for convergence as well. Ayala Hotels and Resorts offer world-class hospitality for both local and international travelers in key destinations.

Ayala Land is driven by its dynamic team of professionals as it forges forward on its 34th year.

These components are connected with a network of roads, bike lanes, walkways, parks and outdoor zones which lead to a city’s main thoroughfares. These mobility infrastructures, as well as public transit systems, provide accessibility and safety for pedestrians and commuters.

Sustainable communities

A distinctive characteristic in Ayala developments is its open and green spaces as well as its amenities. Designed hardscapes and landscapes not only create a relaxing aesthetic, but also encourage people to go out and interact with family and friends. In bustling urban districts, these parks serve as an oasis amidst the concrete skyline.

More importantly, balancing density with open and green spaces ensures that land and utilities are not excessively stressed by modernization. This is a key consideration in building sustainable developments that will last for generations.

Value appreciation over time

With its proven performance of delivering quality products in strategic locations as well as professional property management, Ayala developments have increased their value over time. And because their estates were designed integrating various uses while constantly reinventing with new components and offers, investment values continue to appreciate.

Promoting local economic growth

As it expands to more and more locations around the country, ALI also contributes to the growth of the local economy by creating jobs and bringing in local and foreign investments.

Examples of this are the numerous jobs generated by their hotels, resorts and other businesses, as well as the hundreds of SMEs hosted within Ayala estates and malls through the Alagang Ayala Land program.

“It’s a very purposeful company,” Dy said. “And it’s very fulfilling to be part of something that makes a difference in people’s lives,” he added.

Transforming with the times

Just as Ayala Land enhances land to realize its potential, the company also continues to evolve and innovate to serve changing market and consumer needs. ALI is creating new interactive experiences to enhance its spaces of convergence such as malls, parks, and open spaces. For its residential products, the company has also incorporated learnings from the pandemic such as additional convertible flexible spaces and improved ventilation through balconies in most of its developments. 

The organization is also transforming through more efficient digital innovations for a more seamless end-to-end experience for our customers across its various businesses – whether it be residential, malls, leisure, offices, construction or property management. 

“Over the last two and a half years, we learned that people more than ever, crave for human interaction. Thus, we endeavor to provide new and immersive experiences in our physical spaces that appeal to a broader set of target audiences. We’ve also incorporated digital technology to enhance customer experience, whether you’re purchasing residences or investing in commercial lots, shopping in malls, finding your way in our developments or requesting services from our property management”, Dy said.

For almost three and a half decades, Ayala Land has continuously responded to consumer and market needs. Looking ahead at full speed, it strengthens its current products and services while venturing into new and complementary business lines, to serve and add value to more areas across the country and contribute to the nation’s progress.