Make your home look and feel more luxurious with these easy tips and tricks

Modish home makeover, anyone?

On top of keeping it clean, adding a touch of elegance into your home could make its overall look and atmosphere better. Anything that involves the word “luxury” might sound intimidating, but it can be done without breaking the bank. After all, its true meaning lies in the way you live your life with what you own and make each one work for you.

Curious as to how you can modernize your space? Here are some easy, affordable tips and tricks from interior designer Valentina Fussell that could provide an added flair to your abode.

Incorporate light into your home. “A lot of times, we forget that lighting is really important to a feeling of luxury in a space,” she said in a vlog, noting that such could give the right amount of warmth to any area. Among the must-haves in terms of this are dimmers, overhead lighting, and table lamps.

Invest in good curtains. It’s good to welcome more light inside your place, but it’s even better if you can do so with beautiful on-theme curtains that could soften the vibe of your windows.

Go for a good rug that matches your place’s overall theme. Aside from the warmth and sophistication it brings, Fussell said that a nice rug “tells your eye where the room is and what’s the center point of it. It really defines your spaces.”

Opt for natural materials for your home items. It’s also a good idea to choose natural materials for your rug, pillows, blankets, furniture, and more for added depth. Such include jute, abaca, and sisal, among others.

Spend your extra moolah on fragrance. There’s nothing like a home that smells good. This can be achieved through candles, essential oils, and fresh flowers in a vase, which could also brighten up any corner of your home.