A Camella Home is where the heart is

The Philippines is not different from other countries when it comes to the popular notion of “making it” in life. One of the strongest indicators of success is having an address in the nation’s capital, established cities, or in the areas surrounding them. Many of our countrymen simply could not resist the call of Metro Manila when it comes to fulfilling their career path and building their homes. 

Camella responds to this demand as it builds more communities within key cities in Metro Manila as well as in strategic areas across the archipelago. It plans and develops mid-priced homes in places that are close to work, school, and other vital places of need without losing its urban touch. It is experienced in the amenities it provides — such as lush parks and playgrounds, basketball courts, clubhouses or banquet halls, and swimming pools — offerings that care for and nurture family togetherness, a must in Filipino family living. 

Some, however, still prefer to live in the familiarity of the city or the province where they hail from and in the comforts of the community they grew up in, especially when they are not physically present with their families. It is, therefore, no surprise that many Overseas Filipinos choose to keep their homes and families in the provinces while they work abroad.

Camella Manors Lipa comes with amenities and 24/7 security to give residents a premium on their investment.

Camella heeds this call with their Camella communities. Camella boasts of masterplanned, themed developments in 47 provinces and 149 cities and municipalities from Luzon to Mindanao, making it the most prolific land developer bar none. This proliferation of projects has endeared them to the Filipinos, especially the hardworking global kababayans.

Indeed, Camella has evolved from just being a real estate developer into a creator of prestigious communities that nurture good, old-fashioned Filipino values of family and closeness. Its understanding of the Filipino consumer has allowed Camella to establish itself as a respected and trusted community developer.

Camella Manors Lipa comes with amenities and 24/7 security to give residents a premium on their investment.

“Our blueprint for housing goes beyond providing quality housing. It encompasses the passion to create masterfully planned residential projects and vertical villages that provide the perfect environment for raising not only our children but an entire community of families living in a quiet, peaceful, and friendly neighborhood,” said Jerylle Luz Quismundo, Vista Land Chief Operating Officer.

After over four decades, Camella has grown and remains as the largest housing developer in the country. Its masterplan for success is simple: For every house we build, we see a Filipino Family; for every subdivision we create, we envision a Filipino Community. 

Camella, the country’s most preferred housing brand, is a proud member of Vista Land & Lifescapes, Inc., the country’s leading integrated property developer. Vista Land offers the broadest spectrum of homes, catering to all income levels and spanning the largest geographic reach.  From its beginnings, Camella has expanded its reach well beyond Mega Manila to become a community of choice for Filipinos living in the provinces as well.

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