Camella turns 45!

For 45 years now, Camella has been building homes, vertical villages, and constructing tomorrows for Filipino families.

In those 45 years, the property developer has become the largest, and most trusted real estate brand in the country.

Camella in numbers

35 %. That’s how many, or rather how few, construction companies survive past their fifth year, according to Success Harbor. In fact, according to Bill Carmody of, 96% of businesses fail in 10 years. As the years go by, the numbers become even more discouraging. Michael T. Dean of Financial Edge claims, “Only 25% of new businesses make it to 15 years or more,” and US Bureau of Labor data shows that “about 21 percent make it to their 20th anniversary.”

At 45 years, Camella has dodged the pitfalls that cause so many businesses to fail. And the company thanks its clients for that.

08.18.77. Camella’s birthday. What began as a gravel and sand business further gained steam as it was fueled by the dream to provide Filipino families with good quality housing. What started out as a dream has become the company’s mission. Camella continues to build homes, vertical villages, and  communities that hardworking Filipinos and overseas Filipinos need and deserve.

5. Camella believes that the reason for its longevity is its five-brand pillars. Everything it does, builds, and takes through its day-to-day operations is based upon, framed by, and focused on these five aspirations:

Dream communities. Every development Camella builds is a themed neighborhood with landscapes inspired by the most beautiful places in the world. Camella believes that one doesn’t just live within the four walls of a house, but one’s life extends into the entire neighborhood. One’s entire community is “home.”

Camella Alfonso

Convenience and accessibility. Camella builds its communities close to the heart of progressive cities. The property developer believes that while its residents deserve the peace and security of protected and tranquil environments, they should also have access to everything that cities offer, allowing them the life and style they dream of.

Camella Bacolod

Safety and security. These are crucial to the property developer’s operations and community design. In every Camella property, homeowners need not worry about their safety and security.

Camella Bulakan

Wise investment.  Every home it builds is an investment that appreciates through time and grows with the families that live in them.

Value for money. Camella builds dream environments and amenities.

Camella Manors Bacolod

47. The number of provinces that boast a “Camella,” the property developer with the widest geographic reach. And it doesn’t stop there. Camella will continue to build homes where their clients find a connection with. It could be in faraway places where they were born, grew up, or created their most beautiful memories.

149. That’s the number of  cities and municipalities Camella has created communities in, allowing homeowners access to the necessities and recreation they need to live fully. Most of its villages are located either within urban hubs or on the periphery of CBDs in the country’s key cities and municipalities. The communities are close to transportation hubs and essential establishments like schools, hospitals, markets, and places of worship.

Camella Butuan

• 500,000+. Over half a million families live in a Camella home they’ve dreamed of and worked hard for. Whether these are single homes, town houses, or themed vertical villages, they are someone’s dream come true. More than individual residences, its communities with landscaped parks and walks, winding paths, clubhouses, and play courts and playgrounds, have been the setting for many a child’s first steps, family celebrations, pocket vacations, friendly competitions, bonding moments, whispered secrets, friendships, and even falling in love.

Unquantified. Memories to last the generations. The most beautiful thing Camella has created in those four decades and a half are the beautiful and irreplaceable memories that will forever exist in the hearts and minds of its homeowners.

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