Camella turns 45 and the numbers tell its story

Camella turns 45 and the numbers tell its story

Only about 35 percent of construction companies survive past their fifth year, according to Success Harbor. Bill Carmody of says that 96 percent of businesses fail in 10 years. As the years go by, the numbers become even more discouraging. Michael Dean of Financial Edge claims, “Only 25 percent of new businesses make it to 15 years or more,” and the U.S. Bureau of Labor data shows that “about 21 percent make it to their 20th anniversary.”

At 45 years, Camella is among the minority, dodging the pitfalls that cause many businesses to fail. In fact, in those 45 years, Camella did not just survive the statistics, it has even grown to become the largest, and most trusted real estate brand in the country. 

For four and a half decades, Camella has been building homes and vertical villages for Filipino families and has reached farther across the country than any other property developer, creating homes and constructing tomorrows in whatever place its customers hope to live.

Take a refreshing dip in Camella Bataan’s expansive swimming pool.

Camella believes that a reason for its longevity is its five brand pillars. Everything it does is based upon, framed by, and focused on these five aspirations: Dream Communities; Convenience and Accessibility; Safety and Security; Wise investment; and Value for Money.

To date, Camella has developed communities in 47 Philippine provinces and 149 key cities and municipalities. It purposely and purposefully chooses to reach farther across the country because it understands the ties Filipinos have with the places where they were born and grew up in. True to its mission, Camella builds a home wherever families dream to live.

Enjoy cool breeze all year round at Camella Alfonso in Cavite, just 30 minutes away from Tagaytay City.

Beyond reaching farther across the Philippines, Camella also feels it owes it to Filipino families to allow them access to the necessities and recreation they need to live fully. This is why the communities are located either within urban hubs or on the periphery of central business districts in the country’s key cities and municipalities. The communities always have easy access to transportation hubs and essential establishments like schools, hospitals, markets, commercial centers, and places of worship.

Over 500,000 families live in a Camella home. The 45 years have allowed the company to shelter at least that many Filipino families in a home and community they’ve dreamed of and worked so hard for. Whether these are single homes, cozy town houses, or themed vertical villages, these Camella homes are someone’s dream come true.

After everything that these 45 years have brought, the most beautiful thing Camella has created are the countless endearing, irreplaceable and unforgettable memories that will forever exist in the hearts and minds of their families. Camella is the place where the most exquisite memories have been, and continue, to be created. 

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