Employing tech-enabled management in construction

The times have changed even for the construction industry.

Because of hybrid work, engineering firms, contractors, and participants across the value chain realize the benefits of connected construction technologies.

These technologies can help bring assets, people, processes, and job sites in one platform, making everyone and everything work smarter. It is more efficient.

Indeed, efficiency is achieved when there is seamless integration across the board, and tech-enabled project management companies like JCV & Associates can help make it happen.

While it is uncommon for clients to directly engage with suppliers and partners to help cut costs, such ways of working are prone to the pitfalls of information gap.

Recognizing the pain points of construction project management in relation to streamlined work processes, JCV & Associates provides innovative and tech-driven solutions to address the unique construction industry demands and challenges.

It offers bespoke and holistic project management solutions catered to diverse client portfolios from project planning and development, cost consultancy to WELL, LEED and BERDE—or those green and sustainable certifications.

JCV & Associates’ forward-looking technologies provide on-the-go and real-time information to clients and project managers. These include Agile, a proprietary program that serves as a dashboard for all project updates and reports; and Vault, a Project Management Information System (PIMS) and File Transfer Protocol (FTP) facility that functions as a secure online drive for all project-related documents.

It has also recently partnered with leading 3D visualization provider Digiscript Philippines Inc. to introduce yet another advanced construction management solution – OpenSpace, a platform that offers complete job site documentation to remotely manage and track construction progress — with automated, passive capture and mapping.

Through OpenSpace, users are able to see total site transparency and monitor real-time progress, manage risks, conduct remote site visits, do seamless integrations with various stakeholders and tasks, and team synchronization.

Not meant to replace human skills but rather augment them, innovation in the construction industry such as OpenSpace, driven by companies like JCV & Associates as the first project management company to offer OpenSpace in the country, and DigiScript as the official channel partner of OpenSpace in the Philippines, opens limitless possibilities to the future of synchronized and precise work and creates better-designed and executed, sustainable and optimized infrastructures.

JCV & Associates is a real estate consultancy firm composed of a leadership and project team with over 120 years of combined industry experience. It provides tailor-fit project management solutions to businesses in need of expeditious and cost-effective means to achieve business goals.

Digiscript, meanwhile, is a technology provider specializing in offering Reality Capture solutions. They have pioneered 3D Laser scanning in the Philippines with their partnership with Leica Geosystems in the early 2000s.


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