Finding your sweet, serene home at Marbella Lake Residences

It’s like a scene straight out of a movie—the lead character sitting by a placid lake, enjoying a steaming hot cup of her favorite drink and reading a book to while away the time.

This blissful, tranquil setting is something that many seem to desire nowadays, especially after spending some two years practically locked inside our homes because of the pandemic.

Water, after all, has that calming effect, able to easily put your mind and body at ease, according to medical experts. This is why many would venture out to the beaches as often as they can, even if it’s just for a quick weekend getaway. Some would even go as far as finding a home by the water.

As it believes in the healing and rejuvenating effect of nature and water, property developer Sta. Lucia Land Inc. offers an opportunity to live out such a relaxing scenery and enviable lifestyle through its beautiful lakeside communities.

At Marbella Lake Residences, one can look forward to waking up to quiet mornings and being greeted by a serene view of the lake.

“Even prior to the pandemic, Sta. Lucia has already been creating master planned lakeside communities that would enable our residents to live safely, comfortably, and conveniently near nature. We have long believed in its healing power, and this prompted us to find innovative ways to bring our homebuyers closer to nature,” Sta. Lucia Land Inc. president Exequiel Robles said.

“Given the lessons learned during the pandemic, we know by now that open spaces and proximity to nature have become vital aspects that affect one’s quality of life. All the more, we have endeavored to provide residences that could offer these. We don’t just provide the basic amenities and modern conveniences—we give them nature and more,” Robles added.

A soon-to-rise chapel will cater to the spiritual needs of the community.

This is quite evident in the stunning Marbella Lake Residences, Sta. Lucia’s latest lake community development, which is strategically located in Victoria, Laguna. As with Sta. Lucia’s previous lakeside developments, Marbella Lake Residences, strikes a balance between nature and modernity and affords residents unparalleled serenity and privacy.

With lush greenery, scenic landscape and huge open spaces, Sta. Lucia’s Marbella Lake Residences makes one fully appreciate the beauty and relaxing vibe of the outdoors. Here, one need not worry about crowds as there is ample space for everyone to enjoy their favorite activities. One can just laze around, enjoy the view and the outdoors without being concerned about physical distancing. There’s fresh cool air, the humming of the birds, and the gentle swishing sound of the wind that could easily lull you to sleep.

As a masterplanned community that features well-thought-out amenities, Marbella Lake Residences has a community clubhouse, a sports clubhouse, and a paradise island.

As a master planned community that features well-thought-out amenities, Sta. Lucia’s latest lake property development has a community clubhouse, a sports clubhouse, and a paradise island complete with a swimming pool. Adding to the charm of the place is Sta. Lucia’s trademark lighthouse.

At Marbella Lake Residences, one can look forward to waking up to quiet mornings and being greeted by a serene view of the lake. It definitely can’t get any better than that. This is premium luxury at its best, given the community’s man-made lake and the iconic lighthouse serving as the perfect centerpiece, a distinct visual landmark you can’t get anywhere else.

“Again, this is proof that we put a premium on our homebuyers’ well-being. We understand that homes are investments made to provide security and comfort to its residents. Hence, we continue to develop projects that would allow future owners to achieve a certain level of convenience and serenity—something that we all need in these challenging and uncertain times,” Robles said.

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