What buyers love: Hot property trends

The market learned so much from the COVID-19 crisis that more buyers are now careful about getting the best out of their investments. Whether you are a buyer or a seller, here’s what’s next when it comes to choosing a residential property or putting up one on the market.

• Wellness features are important. That would include a meditation space, a little Zen garden or pockets of greenery, spa-inspired bathrooms, a disinfection area, an open balcony, a sunny space for yoga, and so on.

• Natural light is a priority. That means large windows that allow light to shine through. Mirrors that reflect light inside, sheer window treatments, and sunroofs are some of the light-friendly features to adopt.

Let there be (natural) light in your home.

• Sanitary and sustainable design is a must. Sustainable materials like copper are being preferred now because it also has antibacterial properties. A smart ventilation system is also important to make sure air flows through the rooms, which helps keep allergens and viruses at bay.

• Aiming for the 15-minute lifestyle. Master-planned communities allow residents quick and easy access to amenities and facilities like schools, hospitals, parks, churches, malls, and so on. Note that nobody wants to drive through traffic anymore just to get to a store.

Turn your bath space into a luxury suite.

• Smart features for easy living and security. Home buyers also prefer all the tech features so they can save energy and money, and live a more comfortable lifestyle at the same time. A smart network links all appliances and home features for efficiency and affordability. Smart homes also have alarms, motion sensors, smoke detectors, and monitoring capabilities that are programmable and accessible remotely.

• We all need fast internet and comfortable working spaces. The work landscape has changed and almost everyone needs excellent connectivity at home. Aside from that, spacious, sustainable, and well-equipped co-working spaces near residential areas are always helpful in this age of remote working and learning.