Four struggles the everyday commuter knows all too well

Filipinos are all too familiar with how hard it is to travel back and forth from one point to another.

An average commuter who, say, travels from home to work spends hours on the road—time they could have used to make memories with their loved ones or do an activity they have always set their eyes on.

As people slowly return to a physical office set-up, expect to have the country’s roads clog up once more as they did pre-pandemic.

Time is an immensely valuable resource that, unfortunately, gets lost in regular traffic. This is why RLC Residences properties, especially their long-established ready-for-occupancy (RFO) units, are located in strategic areas, allowing commuters to be conveniently close to where they need to be.

Here are some daily commuter struggles and how RLC Residences can be of assistance in solving these.

Torture by traffic

On average, many Filipinos need to wake up about three hours before their shift starts, to fight through the traffic and, hopefully, clock in on time. One of the roots of this unfortunate situation is that almost all public utility vehicles (PUVs) and private cars are headed to one place — the central business districts (CBDs). This is why living within CBDs can be a dream.

For example, residents of The Trion Towers in Bonifacio Global City enjoy more time to sleep and prepare for work as they are only a few minutes or steps away from their offices.

Torment in transportation

The Magnolia Residences in New Manila

The Philippines has a long way to go before it can say that it has sufficient public transportation. The MRT/LRT and other public transport ‘warriors’ literally shed sweats, tears, and, in extreme cases, blood just to get to work and start their day. What gives some an edge is that they arrive on the train platform or terminal earlier than others.

This comes in handy for the residents of The Magnolia Residences in New Manila where the LRT Line 2 is accessible. They are also presented with other convenient options, such as PUVs and metered taxis alongside Aurora Boulevard.

Worrisome walkways

Even after surviving the heavy traffic and transportation hurdles, another challenge presents itself during a walk on the way home as one may easily fall prey to unscrupulous individuals.

This is why living in properties like Radiance Manila Bay, which also serves as a direct drop-off point for public utility vehicles, gives residents regular peace of mind. Its well-lit, manned facade also helps in adding visibility in walkways that keep residents, as well as passersby, safe.

The myth of ‘me’ time

After reaching home, most commuters just take a quick rest before sleeping and preparing for tomorrow’s battle, leaving them without a moment for their family or even themselves. Investing in a property that can help you have more time to live your best life is definitely a worthwhile pursuit.

Living near work lets people have more time for fitness activities such as jogging or outdoor sports in Radiance Manila Bay’s Outdoor Area. You can also take a relaxing dip in the swimming pool of The Magnolia Residences, or have a quiet time in the Library Lounge of The Trion Towers.

RLC Residences take into heart their brand promise of Raise, Live, Connect by ensuring that their residents live conveniently and worry-free as they live their best life.

“With the strategic locations of RLC Residences, we hope to give Filipinos more time for themselves and their families while helping them achieve their life goals. Should they decide right now to move where the current of their life is, our RFO units are ready to propel them towards a future of opportunities,” said RLC marketing head and chief integration officer Karen Cesario.

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