Camella: Redefining community living through verdant transformations

Landscaping is a key consideration in developing every residential community. Whether they be trees and shrubs that line the streets or blooms and palms that embellish community centers, playgrounds, or the welcoming gates–the way a development is landscaped is a huge factor in choosing which home to purchase.

Living amidst greenery helps soothe both the physical body and the spirit. Trees convert exhaled carbon dioxide back into the oxygen we need to survive, and living among plants lowers stress levels. Camella is taking landscapes beyond mere embellishment and into protecting the country’s “green”— today, for the future.

Nurturing beyond landscapes

Camella Quezon’s Arboretum offers solitude for homeowners who want to medidate or simply get lost in their favorite book.

Working with Camella’s engineers, architects, and property managers, Camella’s group of horticulturists designs the landscaping of public areas to bring to life Camella’s verdant communities. They source endemic saplings and flora that go into the designs and manage central nurseries to support the developments.

Alongside the stately gates of Gran Europa in Cagayan de Oro are trees and blooms endemic to the region.

Way before the global movement towards sustainable methods and technologies, Camella and its employees have already embarked on a continuous tree planting program nationwide — an effort that gave birth to hundreds of thousands of trees within its communities. Trees and blooms that were simply a thing of beauty are being planted in villages to create green zones that purify the air, hold the soil and soothe the spirit.

Creating gardens and forests the way they were meant to be

Imagine coming home to lush greenery — the kind of environment Camella Bacolod South wants its residents to build their lives in.

The country takes shade in what was once some of the world’s greatest rainforests. These forests used to cover a significant percentage of the nation’s land area; now, the number has significantly declined. While it seems impossible to reverse the decimation, Camella believes it can be stopped through a landscaping philosophy that seeks to grow forests and gardens, the way nature intended.

Age-old Acacia trees line the wide avenues of Savannah in Iloilo City.

Camella prioritizes the use of plants endemic to specific regions, however, it also realizes that for aesthetic purposes, there will be occasions that need to introduce unfamiliar species into the landscape mix. When this happens, research is done on the possible effects the new species will have and countermeasures are created to make sure the endemic plant life does not suffer simply “for beauty’s sake.”

Hundreds of Caribbean Pine trees adorn the grounds of Northpoint, Vista Estates’ landmark condominium development in Davao City.

With the vision of recreating the country’s natural habitats, Camella is hopeful that the flourishing of endemic flora will encourage the return of wildlife population as well – the end being the creation of nature sanctuaries within its communities. Imagine coming home to lush greenery and a chorus of birds darting through the trees. These are the kind of environments Camella wants its residents to build their lives in.

Mitigating climate change, one plant at a time

Another thrust of Camella is to design landscapes and plant trees that can influence the country’s climate to make it cleaner and more conducive to life. By creating microclimates within the communities, Camella is creating residential oases that are healthier places to live in, especially with the global warming and the pollution problem plaguing our cities. Predictably, the benefits of these microclimates halo its surrounding areas — influencing air quality in many parts of the country as well.

Countless Fukien Tea, Araucaria, and African Talisay trees happily welcome the residents of Camella Cagayan.

Camella understands that it will take much to rebuild, rebirth and rejuvenate this planet we call home. But it chooses instead to focus on the little steps that will make this dream a much closer reality.

* * *

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