R Land sets new housing trends as economy moves toward recovery

With the economy on the rise toward full recovery, property developer R Land Development Inc. is also in full swing in implementing future-ready real estate projects for the new and emerging housing markets.

“The leading factors influencing our property development strategies are the still lingering COVID-19 threat, the rising fuel prices, and the labor market situation, making us come up with design concepts and product development and marketing formulas to address them all,” said R Land president Rollie Manalili.

“In effect, we have come out with projects that practically cover all the market segments with all of those factors well accounted for,” Manalili added, citing the 8.3 percent surge in the country’s gross domestic product (GDP) in the first quarter as a big boost to the housing and property industry.

Manalili said that despite the GDP rise, the lingering covid threat made R Land focus on  sprawling but fully-integrated residential developments.

Platinum, the Premier Unit of Arcoe Residences. Just like the precious metal, this unit speaks of timelessness, ready to cater to the lifestyle of a growing family.

“And in consideration of the rising fuel prices and its effects on private and mass transportation, we have chosen locations that are within city limits to keep easy access to urban amenities.

“Most importantly, our chosen property locations are also near the financial districts to give prospective residents access to livelihood, or job and business opportunities, which R Land sees as having started to surface with the easing of covid control measures and the ongoing resurgence of economic activities,” Manalili said.

Historically emerging at the height of the COVID-19 pandemic are R Land’s housing projects in Cavite and Batangas provinces in Calabarzon, and in Pampanga in Central Luzon.

Both Calabarzon and Central Luzon, together with Metro Manila, are the country’s three most populated regions, where R Land’s ongoing projects can help generate employment, income and tax revenues.

The imposing main gate of Arcoe Residences is equipped with security features and ample walkways.

The project in Cavite involved the Phase-1 and the Phase-2 extension of the Pamayanang Bagong Kabitenyo – Heroes Town in General Trias City, of which more than a thousand units were sold by R Land in just 10 days.

Manalili describes the Heroes Town project as a showcase of the upgraded feel, modernized look and improved quality of housing that the Caviteños and the rest of the Filipinos generally aspire for.  The 55-hectare project also includes an 11-hectare enclave for the thriving market.

“In Batangas province, R Land’s Arcoe Residences in Lipa City adapts to the realities and needs under the ‘New Normal’, wherein the development plan and housing designs make work, rest, and play possible within the four corners of the house.  The new lifestyle also factors in peace, security and safety for the prospective residents,” Manalili said.

The development features a cool climate approximating Baguio’s and Tagaytay’s, while presenting a picture-perfect view of Mount Malarayat, a popular destination for golfers and mountaineers as it straddles the provinces of Batangas, Laguna, and Quezon.

Arcoe Centre is the heart of the entire development. A swimming pool, a fitness center, a clubhouse and activity are just some amenities that Arcoe Centre offers.

Such attributes turn the Arcoe Residences between San Isidro and Munting Pulo into a lifestyle offering that literally brings country-living to its peak even within city limits.

Uniquely serving as its socio-cultural centerpiece is the clubhouse, which is a contemporary rendition of the historic and iconic Filipino-Spanish bahay na bato.

The house prototypes offer ergonomically-configured interiors and ease of expandability to meet the needs of households that usually grow into extended families. 

The conceptual aerial design shows a masterfully designed community that offers all the essential facilities and lifestyle choices of modern living in a country setting. The same is true in R Land’s Project Angel in Pampanga’s Angeles City, a financial center strategically located at the doorstep of the Clark Freeport Zone.

“As a frontrunner in innovative housing concepts, R Land caters to specific segments of the market spectrum, such as fusion homes and compact mansions for the open market, multi-family for the mid-cost market, expandable homes for the economy market, and residential subdivisions for the multi-market,” Manalili said.

These developments have gone into full swing on the heels of rosy projections on the Philippines’ economy by the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD), and the Asian Development Bank (ADB) despite the ongoing Russia-Ukraine war, China’s slowdown, the global oil crunch, the lingering covid threat, the tightening of the US monetary policy, and the lackluster performance of the G7 countries with only the United Kingdom, Canada and Germany posting positive growths but at miniscule levels.

The ADB, according to Manalili, finds the entire Asian economy registering significant growth this year and the next, with that of Southeast Asia surging collectively by 4.9 percent in full-year 2022 and 5.2 percent in 2023. 

“And despite the vast geopolitical uncertainty, the Paris-based OECD sees the economic recovery in Emerging Asia continuing from 2021 up to at least next year,” Manalili said.

“Growth in real GDP is forecast to be 5.2 percent for the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) in 2022 and 5.2 percent in 2023, albeit with countries in the region varying in the pace of their recoveries.  Indeed, economic growth in ASEAN will range from -0.3 percent in Myanmar to 7.0% in the Philippines in 2022,” the OECD states in its report last April.

“That (OECD report) implies the Philippines gaining the highest growth in the ASEAN,” Manalili stressed, citing R Land’s future-ready property developments as a strategic move in the right direction.

R Land is one of the fast-growing subsidiaries of holding firm RMR Capital Inc., a widely-diversified conglomerate covering all aspects of vertical and horizontal construction, infrastructure development and waste disposal and management.

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