Tanay Naman: A Legacy Homecoming

For more than four decades, Dr. Walter Brown, a trained geologist, and geo-chemist, spearheaded many successful businesses.

These endeavors include mining and quarrying, palm oil cultivation, energy, and real estate ventures.

A Brown Company Inc. (ABCI), his company, is known in Northern Mindanao, particularly in the cities of Butuan, Cagayan de Oro, and Bukidnon province, thanks mainly to its property developments.

But while it thrived in the southern part of the Philippines, A Brown’s roots are actually located 1,400 kilometers away, in another picturesque mountainous area – Tanay, Rizal in Luzon.

“It’s a homecoming for me,” Dr. Brown says as he returns to Tanay after over 30 years of being away.

“At the same time, it’s a chance for me to use the experiences I have gained over the years. My landholdings in Tanay are land passed on over four generations ago. Thus, I felt a sense of responsibility to the community that nurtured my early years. I felt the need to give back and do something for the benefit of my hometown.”

Tracing roots

The Bendañas are an influential clan in Tanay, Rizal. Dr. Brown’s grandfather, former Tanay Mayor Simeon Bendaña, served the municipality during the 1940s.

During the COVID-19 surge, Dr. Brown had the opportunity to spend more time in Tanay, Rizal, and noticed the growing potential of his hometown.

Armed with experience, knowledge, and love for his community, he urged the local chief executive to maximize the development of land areas in the mountainous barangays.

Bringing home the success

A Brown pioneered the master-planned mixed-use community concept in Northern Mindanao. Leading the company’s landmark projects is Xavier Estates in Cagayan de Oro, the first master-planned residential community in the region.

Coral Resort Estates in Initao, Misamis Oriental overlooks the tranquil waters of the bay and is the first residential resort estate in the region. West Highlands is a residential community beside a golf course. It is located 289-feet above sea level overlooking Butuan City.

 “I started off in Cagayan de Oro. That was my first foray into real estate on my own. I wanted to create subdivisions and residences for families. We are family-oriented, so family orientation was something that I have from my background,” Dr. Brown says.

True enough, A Brown projects in Northern Mindanao exude that familial ambience with properties that underscore healthy, environment-friendly, and low dense communities with a focus on the city, mountainside, agricultural, golf, and sea resort, and lifestyle developments.

Dr. Brown is now bringing his expertise to Tanay, Rizal to boost the municipality’s economic and tourism potential.

Vision for tanay

“One of the things we are going to bring here is to make this area secure because I know that a lot of people don’t feel secure with the vast areas,” Dr. Brown says. “We have a commercial development and it’s going to be unique. We are also creating opportunities for the workers to have their own homes.”

Among the company’s projects is a 300-hectare mixed-use development in Tanay, Rizal which will feature an upscale residential estate, themed restaurants, bike trails, villas, and economic and socialized housing units. A Brown’s project will feature a perfect mix of modern city living and natural surroundings.

Dr. Brown takes pride in Tanay’s potential as the next hub of Rizal, the gateway between Metro Manila and the provinces of Laguna and Quezon.

“It’s a place to stay, where you have all the things you need, and yet you have good weather, fresh air, and you have enough space to breathe,” Dr. Brown says.

A brown’s rizal projects

When A Brown launched its first project in Tanay, more than 60 percent of the pre-selling lots had already been sold.

Adelaida Mountain Residences (AMR) is the company’s latest project in Rizal, which will feature a residential estate and commercial areas surrounded by nature. AMR is a master-planned and gated community that boasts around 40 percent of open spaces.

The company is also preparing to launch its second master-planned community, Epic Mountain Estate (Epic) this year.

Epic is touted as the company’s more upscale residential development meant to cater more to Manila residents and investors in search for a vacation or second home surrounded by nature.

The forests remain green and protected, and fresh air and birdsong welcome visitors within the development, as it promises to develop only up to 30 percent of the land area and leave the rest untouched.

Epic Mountain Estate also doubles as a bird sanctuary. There will also be a commercial area, where a restaurant, a hotel, a condominium, and other attractions will be built.

“We call ourselves pioneers so we’re going to areas where people haven’t gotten to. We want to be the first movers in these areas,” Dr. Brown says.

After 40 years of investing and making it big elsewhere, Dr. Brown is back in Tanay, ready to make an investment in the land he calls home.