Pru Life UK builds new ‘state of the art’ office in the Philippines

Facing escalating real estate costs against an ambitious growth plan in the region, coupled with the pandemic and hybrid ways of working, leading life insurer Pru Life UK is moving away from multiple traditional agency offices in the Philippines.

Pru Life UK built a new 2,600 sqm fully customized workplace in Ortigas, Pasig City that can accommodate 2,000 agents across five different zones.

“PRUHouse is a place that embraces the future of office workspaces where our agency force can feel motivated, engaged with their colleagues, and supported by their teams. A space that provides a sense of community and belongingness, as well as bringing inclusivity and pride,” Pru Life UK President and CEO Eng Teng Wong said.

The new office was made possible through the Managed Office Solution of global workspace innovation firm Instant Group. Pru Life UK engaged Instant to help deliver its new workspace incorporating its brand and office specifications.

“Pru Life UK through the major role played by the PRUAgency is leading this big transformation forward. The company has brought the combination of human workforce with our physical and digital assets as we scale to new heights in the insurance industry,” Wong added.

According to the life insurer, the PRUHouse was designed and built with the younger generation in mind, in a bid to attract Gen Z and millennials to the business through a modern and enticing workspace.

With the aim of reducing their portfolio size by 60 percent and property costs by 40 percent in the Philippines, Pru Life UK also created flexibility through its “agile workspace solution, one that combines physical, human, and digital touchpoints to signal trust and inspire agents to perform at their best.”

Tim Rodber, CEO of The Instant Group, noted that the future of work is “changing” and more than ever, “the workplace is about people.”

“Working with a progressive and very client centric business such as Pru Life UK has afforded us the opportunity to listen carefully to what agents need to work smarter and create for them a vision of that future,” Rodber said.

Aside from overseeing the search and delivery of the space, Instant will also work with The XMakers, a specialist experience consultant, to create “a unique brand language for the space.”

XMakers specializes in making products, services, and environments “more desirable, more persuasive and more valuable.” Globally, Instant Group manages over four million square feet of Managed Office for large multinational companies including Jaguar Land Rover and American Express.