More to life outside Manila

The rainy season is upon us, and all at once everything slows. Traffic moves at a snail’s pace; the threat of flooding and strong winds bring out the resilience our country is known for. In the capital, Metro Manila is back to its pre-pandemic chaos. On site work comes with the added layer of stress, as we worry about getting sick from the rain and wonder if it’s the common cold or COVID-19.

The impact of strain goes beyond ourselves – it affects our relationships, our children, our mood and overall outlook in life. More Filipinos, understandably, consider migrating out of the country, hoping to escape the taxing living conditions. In addition to these, the majority of Filipinos in Metro Manila are faced with tight living spaces, as real estate prices have become exorbitant. With the cost of living becoming increasingly expensive in Metro Manila, many Filipinos have to sacrifice their quality of life just so they can make their hard-earned peso last a little longer.

But what if one can change their circumstances without having to flee our country? What if just a few hours away from the capital city, a different living experience awaits? Less traffic congestion, better city master-planning, lower cost of living and more affordable living space for yourself and your family. These places are often referred to as “the province” connoting that these spaces are less progressive, underdeveloped and inaccessible. But because of continued improvements in infrastructure, new highways and roads – these new areas are now within reach, and as a result has become more progressive and modern as well. Especially in this digital age, the quality of life in locations outside the capital has significantly improved.

In recent years, developers and businesses alike have been aggressive in increasing economic activities in these new areas. Hospitals, schools, real-estate developments, commercial and business centers have strategically placed themselves in areas that have the potential for growth. Provinces are now developing at a rapid rate, and the perception of the rural areas have changed dramatically. Areas far beyond the capital are now quickly evolving into “growth-centers”, providing new areas for Filipinos to live and establish new roots. The concept of “out-migration” or moving out of Metro Manila is becoming a wise choice for young Filipinos who want to make a better choice for their future.

Government spending on public utilities is at an all-time high. New roads are being built every day, connecting areas previously inaccessible. Many Filipinos take these developments for granted, but if we follow them outside the capital, we may find a place where we can find a better life.