The home of your dreams is within your reach

I’ve always believed that every family deserves a home that will last. That every home we build is one that will house generations to come. This belief is channeled into my work at Ovialand.

In the next decade, the Philippines is projected to have over 80 percent of residential development as mass housing. Here, at Ovialand, we bring premium affordable housing to every FIlipino family. Since our start in 2015, we have built more than 1,000 homes in the Southern Luzon region. We’re on track to build over 3,000 homes in the next 20 years. Our goal is to become a major developer of high quality mass developments in the Philippines.

To become a leader in the industry, Ovialand has sought out the best in precast construction technology. Concrete walls made through precast technolog y — an innovative technique developed from conventional methods — can withstand immense force, making them resilient against natural disasters. Homes built using this technology are of higher quality compared to those built using conventional methods.

The consistent quality of the construction allows for the development to be valued higher overall, but affordable for those who want to own a new home. Each house is built to last, guaranteeing that each family will have a home for a  lifetime.

As such, our clients can move to the homes of their dreams in as fast as 45 days. Staying in a home developed by Ovialand means families will  receive premium support in a high-quality community.  We’re offering quality living that any Filipino can attain.

Ovialand’s master-planned communities are laid out with the comfort of the residents in mind. There is accessibility to retail establishments from the development, but also open spaces for families to unwind and enjoy the scenery.

Families who have purchased homes in Ovialand can attest to the quality of our developments as well. “We want a place that is an ideal balance between rural and urban space, where you can go to establishments that can be found in the city, like banks and stores. You can get the best of both worlds,” Rich and Tet Taylo, a couple living in our Sannera development, said.

We have designed our projects with the Filipino family in mind. Our developments are ready to move in, with fully furnished options. In Caliya, families can find their units ready for them, and a space they can truly call their own. Wynona Estrellado and her family spent much of their time moving between rental houses, not having a permanent home until they chose to move into our Caliya project. “This new house is a tribute to the love, hard work, and sacrifice of our Nanay who had to raise us on her own after the passing of our Tatay,” Wynona said.

The Taylo and Estrellado families are just two of the many happy homeowners of Ovialand projects. They are the reason and motivation of Ovialand to continue and fulfill its promise of good quality, readily available homes until every Filipino family has a place to call their own.