The UAP 47th National Conventions, Philippine elections, and Covid-19

In the two-year span of the COVID-19 pandemic, we have seen so much changes in our way of life.

Schools have shut down, businesses closed, many became jobless, government gave handouts or ‘ayuda,’ construction projects slowed down, malls became empty buildings, cinemas stopped operations, people had difficulty travelling from one place to another, face masks became mandatory, and getting food on the table became a hand-to-mouth reality for a lot of Filipinos.

According to the Department of Health’s bulletin as of April 14, there have been  3,682,356 Filipinos afflicted with Covid-19, with 24,179 active cases and 59,932 deaths.

In recent public surveys, most Filipinos believe the COVID-19 made their lives worst in 2020 & 2021 but many also believe that the pandemic will end this 2022. They are ready to improve their lives and move forward.

Now comes an important activity of the United Architects of the Philippines, the organization’s 47th UAP National Convention held last April 21 to 23, 2022. And another important related activity of national stature is the Philippine elections this coming May 2022.

New normal

The 47th National Convention at the SMX Convention Center in Pasay City was the first face-to-face activity of national magnitude for the UAP which also held its construction exhibit (Conex) simultaneously and was open to the public. This may have been the first F2F national convention at the SMX.

And it ushered in a new normal, a new era for the UAP.

It was up to the National Director Arch. Minerva Cabrera Rosel, together with the UAP executive director for Conventions Arch. Tony Valdez to dream, create, innovate in order for the UAP 47TH National Convention to be successful.

As it turned out, the architects came, met, and greeted old and closest friends; some became emotional after not seeing friends for almost two years and life continued amidst the ‘new normal.’

May elections

Architects have also been busy discussing the upcoming presidential elections, consuming a lot of time on analysis, and arguments. Some candidates who are capable will lose and some may even fade away even prior to the poll. We will know come May elections.

Amidst all these events, Covid-19 remains. It is not clear if Filipinos will become complacent. There may be a possible increase in cases in public gatherings and may increase DOH statistics. Senior citizens are the most vulnerable despite being vaccinated.

Wearing of face masks should still remain even at alert level one. We all know COVID-19 has a way of mutating that even our health specialists still do not know for sure how it all started.