Derrick Villanueva, general manager of Crown Asia Chemicals Corp.

Crown Asia is a publicly listed company that strongly supports the property sector. It is engaged in the production of plastic compounds, plastic pipes and other related products such as polyvinyl chloride (PVC) pellets, which are used directly and indirectly in the construction and telecommunications industries.

Property Report PH recently talked to Derrick Villanueva, general manager of Crown’s PVC Pipe Division and son of Crown’s founding chairman Walter Villanueva and director and CFO Tita Villanueva. He talks about Crown’s vision, how he strives to implement such vision and what he does when the going gets too tough.

Property Report PH: What are your plans for Crown?

Derrick Villanueva: As someone from the second generation, I plan to execute the founders’ vision and grow the company to become the market leader in the thermoplastics construction products industry within the decade. I also plan to expand the company to encompass more products either through organic expansion, horizontal integration, or strategic partnerships with companies in related businesses in the construction industry.

PR: How would you describe yourself as a leader/executive?

DV: As a leader, I’m understanding but firm. I focus on achieving strategic objectives and micro-managing only when necessary. I place utmost importance in hard work and integrity above all. When I was younger and studying chemical sciences in Canada, I supported myself financially by working odd jobs. I became a laborer who unloaded containers daily, a house painter, a warehouseman, and a factory worker.

When I was here in the Philippines I was a salesman, a sales manager, and a banker. These experiences helped shape the leader I am today as I can easily understand and adapt to the mindset and motivation of the various types of people I work with.

PR: How has it been for Crown since the pandemic?

DV: It has been challenging in general, but it has also been a great opportunity for Crown to showcase its resilience and agility to adapt and thrive in a very challenging business environment.

Crown has not only survived but has significantly increased its market share during the pandemic. It has done this by honoring contracts with customers despite the higher cost of raw materials, and by being there to continuously supply developers and infrastructure projects when other competitors were unwilling or unable.

PR: What is your outlook for Crown in the next three to five years? What are your plans/directions?

DV: The target is to be the market leader in three to five years. We plan to continue growing our market share organically through existing divisions and exploring and expanding further into other products and related industries.

PR: Please describe the company’s IPO journey? What initiatives are you taking to practice corporate governance?

DV: Being a public company has challenged us to move from the traditional family business model to becoming accountable to our investors and shareholders. It has pushed us in the right direction in terms of corporate governance and growth. Being a publicly listed company has effectively professionalized what once was a family business and has allowed us to look forward to much bigger things in the near future.

PR: How is your typical day at the office?

DV: My work day officially starts at 7 a.m. and ends at 5:30 p.m. I begin the day by taking a few minutes to write down my priorities for the day and sort out paperwork in order of importance. I then meet with the sales team to ensure that the team knows their priorities for the day and sort out any challenges that may be stopping them from closing a big deal.

I then begin to work on priorities for the day which may involve anything from meeting with clients, managers, employees; ensuring the supply chain is working properly; ensuring the plant backend is running smoothly; reviewing marketing performance; ensuring clients’ demands for deliveries are met; and ensuring the credit and collection team are hitting their targets, etc.

I then take a little time in the afternoon to do research, guide managers, and read and think about strategies to improve myself and Crown.

PR: It’s a tough job. What do you do to de-stress?

DV: To de-stress I spend time with family whether at home or out, watch movies, series, or documentaries on Netflix, practice mixed martial arts (MMA), and read books. I love going on long drives to the beach and the mountains with my family.