Invest in Central Luzon’s hidden jewel: Ajoya communities

The most successful investors envision growth even before it happens. Such is the case for people that have invested in residential properties in Central Luzon pre-pandemic. In fact, Ajoya, AboitizLand’s master-planned communities located in Pampanga, Tarlac, and Nueva Ecija have been reaping steady growth in property value appreciation in the wake of a pandemic that has left many to shift their priorities from proximity to places of work to places that offer balanced access to green open spaces and  fresh air of the suburbs without giving up big city conveniences. 

Now that working from anywhere is becoming the preferred set-up for millennials and Gen Z, a significant shift in purchasing habits has been observed as they direct expenses towards wiser forms of investments like stocks, NFTs (non-fungible tokens), and real estate. 

The current situation moved many to see the importance of protecting their financial assets and safeguarding their wealth from unprecedented times like this. And despite the economy taking a big hit from the pandemic, real estate investment has attracted more homebuyers and investors.

Ajoya Capas is a 13-hectare residential development by AboitizLand located along MacArthur Highway, in Capas, Tarlac. This master-planned community is a smooth 13.8km ride to New Clark City, 140km to and from Baguio City, and 109km to and from Quezon City.

And this is exactly the opportunity that AboitizLand, a real estate developer backed by its 27 years of creating better ways to live through innovative residential projects in Cebu and Luzon, offers through their Ajoya communities. Whether strengthening one’s investment portfolio or for end-use, a property in its communities in Nueva Ecija, Tarlac, Pampanga, is a viable investment in the long run. 

But what makes a property in Ajoya a smart investment?

Economic optimism is on the rise

Central Luzon is fast becoming the top investment destination as it offers residential properties more affordable than their Metro Manila counterparts coupled with major infrastructure projects pushed by the government’s Build, Build, Build Program, with the Board of Investment registering P576 billion for Central Luzon alone or 56.5 percent of the total approved investments in the country.

While Tarlac and Cabanatuan are perceived to be farther north by most Metro Manila and South Luzon residents, these new infrastructures have made these areas in Central Luzon even more accessible to more people in Luzon. 

Ajoya Cabanatuan is AboitizLand’s 19-hectare master-planned development in Nueva Ecija, that is well-amenitized, that will be made even more accessible through CLLEX and North Luzon East Expressway.

The Central Luzon Link Expressway, once completed, will make travel to and from Cabanatuan and Tarlac faster, from 70 minutes to 20 minutes, and soon Cabanatuan will enjoy easier access from Bulacan through the North Luzon East Expressway. 

With the NLEX connector road slated for completion by the end of 2022, as well as the North-South commuter railway that will run from Calamba to New Clark City, travelers from South Luzon can skip Metro Manila traffic and reach economic growth centers such as Pampanga, Tarlac and Cabanatuan faster. 

With the Philippines slowly opening up as alert levels go down, air travel is expected to go up, Clark International Airport in Pampanga and soon, the New Manila International Airport in Bulacan will be ready to serve a post pandemic travel-hungry crowd.

With these developments in mind, Central Luzon might just be the new center for those on the hunt for their next big investment.

Finding new centers in Central Luzon

AboitizLand, through its Ajoya communities, aspires early investors to consider Central Luzon as their next big investment. it is by design that Ajoya communities are strategically located in these new growth areas in close proximity to future megacities like New Clark City in Capas, Tarlac, and Northwin Global City in Bulacan and Montclair in Pampanga that will generate more jobs boosting Central Luzon’s economy as these developments support the decongestion of Metro Manila. 

Ajoya Pampanga is a 17-hectare master-planned community by AboitizLand located in Mexico, Pampanga—a smooth 30.8km drive to Clark International Airport, 40km drive to the future New Manila International Airport in Bulacan, and a 76 km drive to Metro Manila (approximately 1 hour and 30 minutes).

As a testament to AboitizLand’s track record in enhancing the value of land,  Ajoya Cabanatuan and Ajoya Capas’ value appreciation has steadily grown by as much as 144 percent and 75 percent respectively since their launches in 2018. Meanwhile, Ajoya Pampanga, which was launched in 2019, is also currently enjoying 60 percent value escalation.

For as low as P6,500 per sqm during its launching year, a residential lot in Ajoya Cabanatuan is now valued at P15,834 per sqm.

With monthly amortizations for houses and lots starting at P7,800 monthly in Ajoya Capas, Php 12,000 monthly in Ajoya Pampanga, and P14,800 monthly in Ajoya Cabanatuan –    a property in an Ajoya community is a valuable asset with committed growth over the next few years.

Master-planned communities

With over 25 years of creating better ways to live through its innovative developments, AboitizLand seeks to give its Ajoya vecinos, as how AboitizLand fondly calls its homeowners, a better living experience with generous open spaces like the greenbelts and pocket parks, amenities, and homes that are uniquely designed to their needs.

While most developments have been traditionally designed with a singular green patch where all amenities are found, Ajoya developments have generously spread open spaces so that these  amenities are within a 5-minute walk wherever you are in the community–an innovation that used to belong to high-end communities that AboitizLand is now making this accessible to more Filipino homebuyers. 

The Ajoya communities come with town plazas that will cater to Ajoya residents as well as neighboring areas by offering basic necessities such as convenience stores, bakeries, and cafes, without having to drive out to the city proper. These town plazas will be lined up with shophouses that will have the lower floors as commercial spaces, while the upper floors will serve as the residential area, recommended for business owners.

Houses are deliberately designed to mirror the Filipino Bahay na Bato which is best for Philippine climate. Houses come with porches and voladas granting access to open air without leaving the house, as well as ventanillas that help regulate airflow and sunlight entering the home. 

Ajoya Capas is a 13-hectare community located along MacArthur Highway in Brgy. Talaga and Estrada in Capas, Tarlac, a smooth 13-km ride to New Clark City where future places of work and Philippine Science High School campus will rise. This community offers duplexes, town houses, and residential lots starting at  P1.9M.

Ajoya Pampanga, the nearest Ajoya development from Metro Manila, is a 17-hectare master- planned community that is just 2.7km away from Mexico Exit of NLEX, 30.8 km away to and from Clark International Airport and approximately 47km to and from the future New Manila International Airport in Bulacan. Ajoya Pampanga’s generous open spaces complement its spacious homes that range from two to five bedroom houses and big residential lot cuts starting at P2M.

Ajoya Cabanatuan is located in Cabanatuan, Nueva Ecija, the main rice growing province of the Philippines. It is accessible via Emilio Vergara Highway. The project offers a variety of housing options to address the different needs of its residents – this includes  single attached two and three-bedroom houses,  single detached three and four-bedroom houses, shophouses, and residential lots starting at P2.1M.

With economic optimism on the horizon, booming infrastructure, emerging new centers in Central Luzon, low monthly amortizations for properties that provide bigger living spaces and more access to generous green open spaces–all signs point to one thing: that the time to grow one’s investment is today. Invest in an Ajoya community today, because opportunity waits for no one. 

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