Igniting a tech revolution in real estate

The challenges brought about by the pandemic prompted businesses and organizations to respond to rapid changes. Digitalization is value-enhancing and is deemed to solve the current business problems. The real estate industry is now adapting to the evolving, fast-growing, and changing technological market landscape and conditions. Therefore, the Philippine real estate industry is embracing digital innovation.

The launching of the PropTech Consortium of the Philippines is timely as it gives solutions to companies, businesses, and organizations in becoming more efficient and maximizing their investments that will propel growth and progress in real estate in the coming years.

Proptech Consortium of The Philippines is a non-profit organization formed last year at the height of the pandemic that commits to elevating the societal quality of life by integrating sustainable, resilient, smart, and innovative technologies in real-life estate.

Proptech Philippines is envisioned to be a platform that tackles policy, product, and people-oriented solutions in a collaborative and open format to share and empower its respective end-users and customers.

PropTech Consortium of the Philippines first Focus Group Discussion with officials of the Home Development Mutual Fund (HDMF) led by SVP Jong Sta. Teresa, Organization of Socialized and Economic Housing Developers PH, Subdivision and Housing Developers Association – SHDA, National Home Mortgage Finance Corp. (NHMFC), tech partners Brankas, Multisys Technologies Corp, Umpisa, Good Tech, and other stakeholders.

With the organization’s initiative to address the challenges faced by the industry, such as design, finance, environmental impact, among others, PropTech bridges the gap of limited movement through digital marketing and makes possibilities endless for real estate practitioners.

The Department of Energy (DOE) and the Department of Human Settlements and Urban Development (DHSUD)  committed to develop programs that would encourage new business models in the power industry, which promote the development, utilization, and commercialization of renewable energy such as but not limited to Solar Community Development.

Partnering with PAG-IBIG

One of PropTech’s projects in collaboration with PAG-IBIG presented the journey of developing possible long-term innovative solutions that aim to address the pain points of housing loan applications and the take-out process.

Also, to provide user-friendly access and experience to its clients, Proptech partnered with Global PropTech, the first and leading global innovation platform for the real estate and construction sector, that focuses on developing insights, sharing knowledge between different countries, and matchmaking to create a future-proof industry. It also aims to bring together innovative corporate real estate companies and the best PropTech companies on a global scale to facilitate collaboration and cooperation.

The way to go

I believe that for real estate agents, builders, and property managers, partnering with PropTech Consortium of the Philippines is the way to go. PropTech membership lets you stay updated with the network of technology solutions in the developer and owner ecosystem. Take part in exclusive pitch events and discover innovations, dynamic founders, investment opportunities, and learning events. It can also accelerate your digital transformation and you can learn the latest trends, pain points, solutions, and market shifts that impact communities across the nation. It also allows you to engage with international PropTech guests and make friends, build a business, and find purpose.

The technological advancement and growth of the real estate industry is certain and effective. As a result, the level of interest in innovation and how we maximize the value of technology in all our plans and strategies should increasingly become the prime and critical target of investment of all business leaders and retailers.