Constellation energy, a catalyst for growth

One of the ways to achieve sustainable development is to pursue the development of renewable energy. This is also a response to the growing threat of climate change and global warming.

I am glad to say that Italpinas Development Corp (IDC) is also contributing to the development of renewable energy in the country by having a 25-percent stake in Constellation Energy Corp.

We started investing in Constellation in 2009 because we believe in the future and potential of renewable energy in the Philippines. Constellation is led by my IDC colleague Jose Leviste III as president while I am serving as vice-chairperson of Constellation Energy.

With its rich natural resources, the Philippines has a huge potential in renewable energy. By investing in the country’s renewable energy sources, the private sector can help the Philippines pursue sustainable development and achieve a steady supply of power.

For the information of the readers, Constellation Energy is engaged in the development of sources of clean and renewable energy. The company also works with its technical and financial partners in pursuing geothermal and hydroelectric energy projects, using reliable technology for electricity generation.

Moreover, it also aims to be a growth catalyst by planning to introduce affordable renewable energy to Filipino households and industries.

With affordable and reliable power, I am confident more Filipinos will achieve a better quality of life. For instance, this will enable the emergence of more home-based micro-entrepreneurs.

Although both offices of IDC and Constellation Energy are located in one building, the synergy of the two companies is not structural per se. We share ideas, experiences, information, and brainstorm with their partners, suppliers and service providers.

At this time,  Constellation is not yet a huge company but as the need for renewable energy grows, I hope it will expand and grow in the future.

We look forward to investing in more renewable energy projects in the coming years to supply Filipino households and this country’s growing industries and in the process, steadily contribute to the growth of the Philippines.

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