In 2022, Camella Turns 45… and we’re going to keep on counting

The numbers tell our story


That’s the number of decades Camella has been building homes, vertical villages, and townships for Filipino families––designed to be the places where their greatest dreams come true and their most significant memories are born.

For four and a half decades, we have reached farther across the country than any other property developer, creating homes and constructing tomorrows in places our customers hope to live.

In those 45 years, we have become the largest, and most trusted real estate brand… and we believe that it’s because for 45 years, we have been building for you.

35 percent

That’s how many, or rather how few, construction companies survive past their fifth year, according to Success Harbor. In fact, according to Bill Carmody of, 96 percent of businesses fail in 10 years.  As the years go by, the numbers become even more discouraging. Michael T.  Dean of Financial Edge claims, “Only 25 percent of new businesses make it to 15 years or more,” and US Bureau of Labor data shows that “about 21 percent make it to their 20th anniversary.”

In Camella, the entire community becomes “home.”

At 45 years, Camella is among the minority, dodging the pitfalls and misfortunes that cause so many businesses to fail. We have survived the statistics, and we’d like to thank you for that.


Our birthday. What began as a gravel and sand business gained steam as it was fed by the dream to provide Filipino families with good quality housing. It was from this dream that Camella was born. From humble beginnings, this dream has become our mission, and within 45 years that mission has bloomed across the nation with a multitude of homes, vertical villages, and communities that hardworking Filipinos need and deserve.

Our very first customer was an overseas Filipino worker––who else could be more deserving of a well-built, good quality, and yet, mid-priced home in a beautifully designed enclave? Since then, OFWs have been dear to Camella. We truly believe they are modern-day heroes, and have earned our awe and respect with their sacrifice and hard work.

Every vertical village we build is a themed neighborhood with landscapes inspired by the most beautiful places in the world.


We believe that a reason for our longevity is our five brand pillars. Everything we do, build, and take through our day-to-day lives are based upon, framed by, and focused on these five aspirations.

DREAM COMMUNITIES. Every development we build is a themed neighborhood with landscapes inspired by the most beautiful places in the world. We do this because we know that one doesn’t just live within the four walls of a house, but one’s life extends into one’s entire neighborhood. One’s entire community is “home.”

CONVENIENCE AND ACCESSIBILITY. Camella builds its “communicities” close to the heart of progressive cities. We believe that while our residents deserve the peace and security of protected and tranquil environments, they should also have easy access to everything that cities offer, allowing them the life and style they dream of.

SAFETY AND SECURITY. These are crucial to our operations and community design, as we fully believe our residents are entitled to living their lives in safe places where they can let their guard down and let go of their worries.

WISE INVESTMENT. Every home we build is an investment that appreciates through time and grows with the families that live in them.

VALUE FOR MONEY. For our residents, now and in the future, we build dream environments, spaces, and amenities because we know they are entitled to the best that we can give them. We hope that every Camella family finds in our communities the uplifted lifestyle they’ve been seeking, as well as the realization of their dreams.

Our homes are designed to be places where great dreams become real and meaningful memories are born.


The number of provinces that boast a “Camella.” To date, we have developed communities in 47 Philippine provinces, making our company the property developer with the widest geographic  reach. We purposely and purposefully choose to reach farther across the country than any other property developer because we understand the ties Filipinos have with the places where they were born, grew up in, or where they created their most beautiful memories. Wherever our families dream of setting down their roots and finding their forever, we will build them a home there. We believe that is key to our mission. We are not stopping at 47.


That’s how many key cities and municipalities we have created communities in. Beyond reaching farther across the Philippines, we also feel we owe it to our families to allow them access to the necessities and recreation they need to live fully. This is why our villages are located either within urban hubs or on the periphery of central business districts in the country’s key cities and municipalities. Our communities also always have easy access to transportation hubs and essential establishments like schools, hospitals, markets, and places of worship.


Over half a million families live in a Camella home. Our 45 years have allowed us to shelter at least that many Filipino families in a home and community they’ve dreamed of and worked so hard for. Whether they are beautiful single homes, cozy town houses, or even themed vertical villages, they are someone’s dream come true.

More than individual residences, our communities with their delightfully landscaped parks and walks, winding paths, clubhouses and function halls, play courts and playgrounds have been the setting for many a child’s first steps, family celebrations, pocket vacations, friendly competitions, bonding moments, whispered secrets, cookouts, forever friendships, and even falling in love. We truly believe that knowing we made that possible is the best part of our job.


Memories to last the generations. After everything that these 45 years past has brought, the most beautiful thing Camella has created in those four decades and a half are the countless beautiful, irreplaceable, and unforgettable memories that will forever exist in the hearts and minds of our Camella families. The memories born in each home and community, hung on the many walls, scribbled into numerous notebooks, saved on phones and screens, and tucked away into countless minds to be cherished throughout time, and through many generations.

In 45 years, Camella has built and developed mid-priced, quality homes in beautifully designed communicities, far across the country, for Filipino families who deserve to have their dreams made real and their lives uplifted. For 45 years, Camella has also been the place where the most exquisite memories have been, and continue, to be created.

That’s exactly why we’re here, and that is exactly why we’ll keep on building.

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