Manila ranks the sixth most stressed city in the world

Manila is one of the most stressed cities in the world, according to a report by an international insurance provider.

In its “The Most and Least Stressed Cities in the World” report, William Russel ranked Manila as the sixth most stressed city with a stress score of 5.92.

This is higher than the average score of 4.16 among the 73 ranked cities.

Manila registered a sore of 44 in the LGBTQ+ safety rating, while suicide rate is 2.54 per 100,000 population, relatively lower than other countries.

Estimated monthly cost of living for a single person in Manila registered at $571, the second highest among the 10 most stressed cities, following Beijing, China with $645.

The research also showed that 47 percent of Manila’s population live on less than $5.50 a day.

Moreover, Manila also scored 21.49 in the cleanliness and tiredness of city index.

“Our ranking is based on cleanliness, financial stress, LGBTQ+ safety and suicide rates and we hope it will help you decide where to find your next big – and stress-free – challenge,” said William Russell Affiliate Partnership Manager Damian Porter.

Cairo, Egypt ranked as the most stressed city in the world with a score of 7.67. This was followed by Delhi, India and Karachi, Pakistan with scores of 6.69 and 6.47, respectively.

In contrast, Helsinki, Finland emerged as the least stressed city with a score of 2.45 percent.

Vienna, Austria and Munich, Germany grabbed the second and third spot with scores of 2.49 and 2.59, respectively.