Continuing a legacy beyond 50 years

Creating a trusted name in a highly competitive industry is no easy feat.

But this is something that nationwide real estate developer Sta. Lucia Group through publicly listed company Sta. Lucia Land Inc. (SLI) has managed to achieve over the last 50 years—that is, to create a solid track record and a continuing legacy.

Built on a mission to provide hardworking Filipinos with high quality, affordable homes in thriving communities, Sta. Lucia Land has now earned the trust of millions of Filipinos, thus making it a preferred choice of homebuyers today.

“Initially, the goal of our founders was to simply deliver communities in the east that would help enhance the quality of lives of the residents. Little did we know that by doing so and making good on the promise of creating properties that are built to last, we would be able to cater an even bigger and wider market, eventually enabling us to contribute to nation building,” said Sta. Lucia Land President Mr. Exequiel Robles.

The Sta. Lucia Group offers a diverse portfolio of pioneering, masterplanned projects that include lakeside communities.

“This valuable trust given to us by the market is something we owe it to our founders who really paved the way for us. They were the ones who started the Sta. Lucia legacy and it was their vision that led us to achieve even greater things. Up to now, we continue to uphold their mission to build value-for-money communities in areas where we are most needed. We continue to fuel the fringe areas, just like what our founders did,” Mr. Robles explained.

The Sta. Lucia Group was born out of the Buen-Mar Realty Company, which was founded in 1972 by Robles’ father and aunt, Buenaventura Robles and Marcela Robles-Santos, together with their respective spouses Dominga Dumandan-Robles and Felipe G. Santos.

Encouraged by the positive reception from their first homebuyers, the older Robles and Santos then saw a great opportunity and had planned on further expanding the business. Two years after its inception, Buen-Mar was renamed as Sta. Lucia Realty and Development Inc. which is the foundation of the Sta. Lucia Group.

Among the Group’s hotel projects is the 20-story Arterra Hotel and Residences in Mactan, Cebu.

“At that time, Buen-Mar was primarily engaged in building residential subdivisions in Pasig as well in Taytay and Morong in Rizal. But as fate would have it, the company grew and eventually became one of the most trusted property developers in the country. We owe much of what we’ve achieved over the last 50 years to our partners, homebuyers and marketing arms. Without their trust and confidence in us, we wouldn’t have made it this far,” Mr. Robles shared.

“Despite the numerous challenges we have faced, we remain optimistic of our prospects and ever driven to further expand our reach and portfolio. We will continue to study the market to make sure that we deliver only the best in property development. Moving forward, we are excited to create more projects that would be a perfect fit in the postpandemic era,” he concluded.

Sta. Lucia Group’s 50-year logo

To date, the Sta. Lucia Group has completed more than 250 projects across the country, enabling it to establish a strong, reliable presence in the market. Going beyond the promise of value for its property offerings, Sta. Lucia Land makes it a point to build masterplanned communities—from golf estates, lakeside communities, resort-themed homes, condotels, hotels and subdivisions—that would allow residents to experience a better quality of life that they rightly deserve.