Transforming EDSA into a tree-lined greenway

Transforming EDSA requires a holistic plan with public and private participation, said the Green EDSA Movement (GEM).

“Hopefully, the government will do its part to realize this aspiration shared by most people for iconic clean, green and efficient traffic thoroughfares,” it said.

GEM chairman Eduardo Yap said the group is deeply committed to working for the restoration of EDSA into a safe and cleaner place for all.

“We aim to transform EDSA through robust advocacy for public-private partnership in carrying out green improvement projects,” he said.  

Launched in April 2021, GEM is an initiative led by private sector leaders and environment advocates with a vision of transforming EDSA into a green and people-friendly thoroughfare and helping mitigate the effects of climate change.  

It gathers organizations from various sectors to declare their solidarity in making EDSA a safer place, where people mobility is prioritized over vehicle mobility, public transportation is fueled by clean energy, and greenways are developed.   

The latest to join GEM is Meralco, which expressed its full support to achieve its vision of an iconic green EDSA where the company manages and maintains multiple electric distribution facilities. 

In support of the initiative, Meralco said it is converting all its company-managed streetlights along EDSA to LED for energy conservation and efficiency.  

The company is also electrifying its vehicle fleet across its sector offices and business centers, including those situated in EDSA, as well as providing green transport options for its institutional customers and for the riding public.  

Meralco’s corporate social responsibility arm, One MERALCO Foundation, is likewise prepared to partner with GEM in making EDSA a tree-lined greenway, through its One for Trees program which aims to sustainably plant and nurture trees in Philippine forests and critical watersheds.