Discovery Samal helps strengthen Davao tourism

With an approximate area of 5 hectares, Discovery Samal lies along the coast of Samal Island—a sprawling enclave offering carefully curated dining and relaxation experiences, events, and great entertainment. It has 162 lavish villas and plush accommodations, four meeting rooms, and an opulent convention center that can accommodate up to 1,200 guests. The property promises memorable experiences for business and leisure, and masterfully combines the idyllic setting, refined comfort, convenience and connectivity, and the genuine culture of care that the Discovery brand is known for.

Diverse experiences are waiting to happen in and outside of the resort. Guests can go on a wildlife adventure in the island’s natural playground, or take it easy enjoying the comfort of the resort’s amenities. Take a dip in the famous waters, engage in water sports, or enjoy the resort’s pools amid a breathtaking view. Guests also get access to a tranquil spa and wellness center, a fitness center, and a kid’s club. Discovery Samal takes the world’s wonderful flavors as it offers food and beverage outlets that feature international and local cuisine.

The resort takes business seriously because it understands that guests do so as well. One can build connections and share ideas in any of the resort’s meeting rooms and the lavishly appointed convention center. Guests can take care of business in the daytime then relax and enjoy the luxurious suites at night. Discovery Samal’s numerous hotel rooms offer a scenic view of the Davao Gulf and the region’s metropolis. 

Discovery Samal – Central Amenities – Hotel

Discovery Samal’s contribution

As it begins its operations in 2022, Discovery Samal aims to help open up boundless opportunities for the already progressive Davao. As the region continues to build and cultivate its economy and ecotourism, the property is expected to contribute significantly to the region’s economy by opening the hotel, resort, and convention spaces; to the locals by giving them the opportunity to obtain world-class training; and to the tourism industry by shifting the public eye towards this new and remarkable destination.

Discovery Samal – Villas

”The Davao region is brimming with opportunities for both commerce and leisure. As it urbanizes and raises the bar through modern developments and infrastructure, the continuous growth of ecotourism shapes the monumental future that is set to elevate the experience for the travel sector,” says Discovery Hospitality Corporation (DHC) president and COO Jose Parreno, Jr. during the Davao Investments Conference held virtually last November 11 and 12, 2021.

As a trailblazer in the hospitality industry, the massive property also aims to contribute to the increasing recognition of and commerce in the region, strengthening the Filipino culture and raising it to adapt to dynamic travel behaviors.

Discovery Samal – Convention Center and Helipad Exterior

Discovery Samal is expected to provide hundreds of jobs to locals. As the company takes them under its wings, the hotel group aims to impart the globally-recognized hospitality standards of Discovery hotels and resorts as it cultivates and deepens the essence of Davao’s warmth. This perfect mix will be a strong suit of the property, on top of the great number of remarkable features that it has. Discovery Samal delivers a unique and elevated travel experience that guests will indeed cherish and look forward to, whether they are coming in for business or for leisure. 

Discovery Samal – Presidential Suites

Life is Here in Davao

“As we bring in our globally-recognized hotel chain to the region, we aim to add to Samal’s radiance and make people realize that Life is Here in Davao. We wish to continue working to help create a stronger tomorrow for the region. We, therefore, invite everyone to come and be inspired by the genuine soul of this region. The opportunities are endless, and what makes it all worthwhile is the joy of immersing oneself in the depths of the Davao experience to see the region’s wonderful culture. Just like the dream-weavers from its rich cultural heritage, we at Discovery Hospitality continue with our dream to bring the homegrown Filipino brand of service to more remarkable destinations in this beautiful country. Service That is All Heart, that’s distinctly Discovery,” says Mr. Parreno.

Philippine Monkey Eating Eagle in Davao

Discovery Samal is a development of Samal Shores, a subsidiary of CSG Holdings Corp., managed by Discovery Hospitality Corporation (DHC) under its allied services and the Discovery Resorts brand. Backed by 20 years of experience in championing Filipino hospitality, DHC has turned prime locations into dream destinations with its award-winning hotels and resorts. The group offers its expertise in property management. As part of its shared services on product development, experience design, branding, and pre-opening requirements, the group continues to seek and cultivate new developments as it forges iconic and forward-thinking brands and remarkable experiences that build superior value and leave a profound impact on travelers. For more information, visit