EEI Corp.’s digital transformation now in full swing

EEI Corp.’s digital transformation is now in full swing to further empower the employees of the giant construction firm.

A statement showed that EEI Corp., an affiliate of the Yuchengco Group of Companies (YGC), has more innovation initiatives in the pipeline.

Jesus Teodoro Reyes, EEI assistant vice president for corporate development, said the company’s digital journey is less about technology itself, and more about enabling and equipping their people.

“We recognize that 90 percent of the transformation effort is about helping our employees, managers and senior leaders navigate around this change and perform better at their jobs,” Reyes said. “We are mobilizing and empowering people, not software and processes”.

Even prior to the onset of COVID-19 pandemic, the listed construction firm already adopted the Virtual Design and Construction (VDC) tools, modern technology utilized by the global engineering and construction industry.

Another innovation of the company is Reality Capture, which is used to address the mobility restrictions and challenges brought about by the pandemic. This enables remote job site monitoring and supervision, giving employees unparalleled access to visual ground truth in the form of regularly collected jobsite photos compiled using 360-degree cameras.

The technology also allows remote access to a rich library of 360-degree photo documentation of existing site conditions, which ensures compliance to EEI’s high quality and global safety standards.

EEI likewise uses a common data environment (CDE) as a primary tool to manage project information and coordination related to specifications, resources requirements, and various issues that are encountered during the execution phase of construction.

The CDE solution replaces paper-based document controls and a fragmented set of electronic information exchanges, such as email or electronic files shared, using various type media with one common platform. 

Glenn Villasenor, senior vice president for business transformation at EEI, said technology enables EEI Corp. to maximize resources and take on more projects without increasing the same proportion of assets and resources needed to execute them.


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