Golden Home Realty Helps You Build Life’s Treasures

As the world continues to find its balance, new ways of living emerge. The home, which serves as a safe haven, is now being seen in a different light. Once a place of solace from all the hustle and bustle, it has now become the stage for life. Work, leisure, and family time are now elements that make up a home’s function.

That is why at the soul of Golden Home Realty Development, Inc.’s business is the desire to create places with spaces for all of life’s moments; places with a carefully curated mix of activities and memorable experiences.

Guided by its tagline “Building Life’s Treasures,” the company is committed to building integrated developments that promote a holistic living experience.

“With more time being spent at home, residences have become the setting for most of what we do. Homeowners now seek value beyond a property’s location and are placing a premium on master-planned developments in growth centers where they can pursue well-balanced lifestyles and experience more comfort,” said Golden Home Realty president Ivan Howard Guintu.

“The profession of building homes has never been more critical and fulfilling,” he added.

The pandemic has highlighted the viability of remote working and the importance of breathable and open spaces.

Golden Home Realty meets that shift by providing enclaves that empower residents to thrive in Integrated Lifestyle Communities (ILC).

“Our developments are multi-experiential. They’re sustainable, breathable, and most of all, affordable. Future residents and their succeeding generations will look forward to coming home to a community that has lots of space to live, thrive, recreate, and more,” Guintu said.

Off-the-wall amenities

Apart from the usual facilities, Golden Home Realty also plans to include more “off-the-wall” amenities such as co-working spaces, study areas for kids, amphitheaters, and open areas for gatherings and events.

Value for money

Golden Home Realty offers a wide range of competitively-priced homes based on the different budget requirements of every suitable for every household.

In the pipeline are Periveo, a 40-hectare premium residential enclave in Lipa, Batangas, and Empria, a 90-hectare mixed-use development in General Trias, Cavite.