Lessandra communities thrive in Southern Luzon

Residential properties in South Luzon remain one of the top choices of property investors, according to the online real estate platform Lamudi. These provinces’ proximity to Metro Manila factors greatly in the property buyers’ interest in places down South.

Southern Luzon has a vast pool of real estate properties in the country, especially residential ones. As a strategic location for property ventures, homebuyers continue to appreciate the appeal of the South, not just for the main purpose of having a primary home, but also as a wise source of income and as a great asset to their investment portfolio.

More than this, the hometown appeal of these properties adds to property buyers’ reason for investing. Aside from having a large demographic, a huge percentage of Filipinos overseas are from Southern Luzon, and migrant workers are among the main drivers of Philippine real estate.

Value appreciation

Homes and communities in the South are positioned in the midst of progress, securing their general reputation as a prime location. The presence of different industries and business centers positively affects the continuous appreciation of property investments.

In the past two years, top real estate developer Lessandra expanded into 13 maaliwalas communities in South Luzon alone, offering affordable property choices with exclusive recreational spaces—an aggressive move guided by the South’s positive growth. Lessandra makes quality homes available to Filipinos looking for smart property investments with huge returns.

Properties in the immediate boundaries

The Lessandra communities present in Cavite, Laguna, and Batangas (CALABA) are proving to be a great investment in ideal locations, as these communities offer homes located in thriving cities—right in the middle of steady economic growth and close to several economic zones and rising developments. All over the CALABA boundary, especially in the next wave cities of Lipa and Dasmariñas and the emerging city of Batangas, Lessandra has easily accessible neighborhoods that offer affordable spaces near nature pockets, which provide a progressive and convenient life for homeowners.

Lessandra communities are easily accessible via nearby infrastructure developments such as the Cavite Laguna Expressway, South Luzon Expressway, and Cavite Expressway, and soon,  via LRT-1 Cavite Extension, LRT-6, and Cavite-Tagaytay-Batangas Expressway.

Properties down South

In Quezon Province and the Bicol Region, the present Lessandra communities are situated in an ideal location—reaping the positive economic effects of being close to the Metro, while also relishing the benefits of being close to nature.

Adding to the advantages of belonging to well-planned Lessandra communities in Quezon and the Bicol Region, one can also participate in the expected boost in tourism, business, and opportunities from the aggressive economic developments in these locations.

Lessandra communities in Quezon and the Bicol Region are made more attractive to property buyers because of the convenience and accessibility that these communities offer.

Investing in real estate like Lessandra in South Luzon is a wise investment move. Investors get the chance to revel in the affordable spaces, while securing the future and enjoying great returns in Lessandra.

Now is the best time to invest!

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