When you need an expert to clean your space

An entire building, the offices of a Fortune 500 company, and several cruise liners–these are just some of the spaces that CMDA Cleaning Services has cleaned in the past.

Here in the Philippines, we have always relied on ourselves or our kasambahay to clean our spaces. Perhaps Pinoys are not comfortable exposing their dirty laundry, literally speaking, to strangers and having them clean their most private and personal spots. 

But because of the pandemic, more households, offices, establishments, etc. have started to call professional cleaners to make sure their space is thoroughly cleaned and disinfected. In fact, there are new cleaning and disinfection companies that have opened—even pest control companies now offer disinfection services.

CMDA Cleaning Services has been around way before the pandemic started. The business opened in 2013 to offer deep cleaning services to condominium units around the Ortigas area. CMDA is owned by the husband-and-wife team of Troy and Renz Alcantara, both registered medical technologists (RMT), which gives them an edge in the business. Renz also worked as a clinical laboratory professor at the St. Luke’s College of Medicine William H. Quasha Memorial.

Renz explains, “As RMTs, cleaning and disinfection are close to our hearts because we do know the scientific explanation for all these germs and infections—it has been our goal to ensure that our cleaning and disinfection processes are correct and evidenced-based.” 

Hiring and training the best cleaners

Because the nature of a cleaner’s job is highly sensitive and requires utmost discretion, CMDA uses a very strict hiring and training process. Renz says, “Most of our applicants are recommendations from our friends and trusted employees, plus they all went through background checks.” 

The company is always looking for good work ethics and an overall positive or pleasant attitude in an applicant. Renz continues, “I don’t require them to have professional cleaning experience or an advanced educational attainment—in fact, those who don’t have these are more willing to listen, learn, and follow our cleaning procedures, processes, and protocols, which I have developed and improved through all these years.” 

CMDA conducts several training sessions for the new hires and monthly training sessions for all cleaners. They also follow the safety and health protocol updates so that the organization is always compliant with the Department of Labor’s (DOLE) Occupational Safety and Hazard Program.

Renz shares that the company even offers culture sensitivity training for all their cleaners, because some of the company’s clients are foreigners. “We want our teams to be aware of the differences in culture and belief, as well as the proper decorum for different nationalities so they don’t offend or accidentally touch or throw away something of importance,” Renz explains.

Loyal employees and clients

“Our most senior employee has been with us for six years and the rest have been around from two to five years,” says Renz. Despite being a small company, CMDA prides itself for paying the right taxes to the government and in giving its employees all the mandatory benefits, the region’s minimum wage, meal allowances, medical insurance, and a yearly subsidy for all CMDA students. 

“Our employees are like family to us, their family is our family.” Renz shares. “Most of our employees are single mothers, single fathers, young fathers, and those who can’t find employment in the corporate world—we genuinely care for each of them and we want nothing but a stable and fair job for them.” 

Even CMDA’s customers keep coming back. “We have a lot of suki clients, from condo owners to corporate clients,” Renz shares. CMDA’s clients are happy with the all-in quotation and upfront rate, the way the company handles inquiries, and of course, the actual cleaning process itself. In fact, the company’s first client is still a client to this day. “I think it’s because they know we care for them, for their properties, and their privacy,” says Renz. 

Call the professionals

Some households don’t have adequate storage space for the cleaning equipment and paraphernalia. Others simply don’t have the time to clean. And yet others are just overwhelmed by the difficulty of the cleaning tasks that have to be done, like mattress deep cleaning, post-construction cleaning, etc. No matter what your reason is, and no matter how big or small your space is, if you need help with cleaning or disinfection, CMDA will be there to do it for you.

“We are here—experts in all of these—and we are happy to help families and businesses have clean and orderly spaces where they can thrive,” Renz says. 

You can reach CMDA through 8994-7870, 7527-2669, 0917-1442632, or 0908-8129506. They offer the following services anywhere in Luzon: disinfection; condo and office deep cleaning; post-construction clean-up; move-in and move-out cleaning; carpet, bed, or office chairs shampoo; restaurant and kitchen cleaning.