Homemade and virtual gifts for Teachers’ Day

We are still celebrating National Teachers’ Month until October 5, which is National Teachers’ Day. Let’s take a moment to show our teachers (or the teachers of our children) some love and appreciation, especially for managing their classes despite the pandemic.

Gone are the days when we can come up to our teacher and hand over an apple or orange, a bunch of flowers, or a wrapped gift item. In this age of remote learning and online classes, the way we show our appreciation to teachers has also changed. What hasn’t changed, however, is the fact that teachers need to be valued, respected, and thanked. Here are affordable and simple ideas to show our gratitude.

eBooks. Buy her or him the latest bestseller, a book of poems, a recipe book, a new book about the subject she or he is teaching, or a locally published book. You can either get an eBook for their eBook reader or a simple pdf-format eBook that he or she can read from the laptop or desktop.

Baked goods. If you have the means to get their shipping address (either residential or school address, if the teacher comes by regularly and can pick up the gift), it would be great to bake something nice like chocolate chip cookies, mint brownies, a rich loaf of bread, and so on.

eGift cards. There is a wide range of choices when it comes to choosing the right gift card for any recipient. Free products or discounts at cafés (for the coffee lover), bookstores (for the bookworm), restaurants or food delivery services, etc. 

Subscriptions. You can get them a year’s subscription to a magazine or newspaper, class, music or movie streaming service, or even to additional email space.

A playlist. If you know the teacher’s favorite bands, songs, or musicians, you can create a special playlist for them. It could also be a class playlist of songs or music that everyone in the class can relate to.

A music video or an interview video. Produce a music video of their favorite song, or collect messages from members of the class (and even the parents) to create a short appreciation video that they will surely cherish for life!

Virtual card. Nothing beats a good, old letter or virtual card where you write down your appreciation message for them. Add photos, animation, or even music and you’re good to go.