CRK, an inclusive and intuitive airport

Clark International Airport in Pampanga is scheduled to open its doors to passengers and visitors at the end of this year, 2021. One of the many special features of this airport is its inclusive spaces, like the all-gender restrooms, nursing stations, and multifaith prayer rooms.

Restrooms will provide all-gender accommodations for transgender, non-binary identifying individuals, and cis-gender people traveling with opposite-sex children or elderly companions. There will be nursing stations for moms traveling with their babies, and prayer rooms, each with a foot-washing area for Muslims.

BCDA President and Chief Executive OfficerVivencio B. Dizon said, “At CRK, it is about accommodation and inclusion for all; CRK will be a space where we embrace a positive atmosphere and treat everyone with utmost respect,”

The new CRK terminal’s prayer rooms include a foot-washing station that Muslim passengers and visitors can use for ritual cleansing.

Intuitive, too

Inclusivity and intuitiveness are among the key principles that Luzon International Premiere Airport Development Corporation (LIPAD) follows in terms of operating and managing the new CRK terminal.

With a vision to be the quietest gateway in the Philippines, LIPAD will operate a “silent airport policy,” meaning, passengers and visitors will rarely hear boarding calls and instead will have to rely on posted announcements for quick reference. 

Colors and signages will guide passengers and visitors at the new CRK terminal. Carpets and chairs are color-coded: facing Manila Bay, the carpets and chairs at the domestic area are in blue, while the color scheme for the international area, facing Mount Arayat, is green.

The new CRK terminal features all-gender restrooms in an effort to create a more vibrant and inclusive community for everyone.

LIPAD won the 25-year concession for the operations and management of CRK in January 2019. The company is led by Filinvest Development Corporation, JG Summit Holdings Inc., Philippine Airport Ground Solutions Inc., and Changi Airports Philippines Pte. Ltd., a wholly-owned subsidiary of Changi Airports International. The consortium members have vast experience in airport operations, air transportation, and property development.

Photos courtesy of BCDA