A life to look forward to at WV Towers

Vaccinations in the country have steadily been increasing while citizens are reminded to constantly be vigilant in maintaining one’s health amidst the pandemic. With this, we can only look forward to what’s new, and the past year and a half have seen us doing just that. 

People have found new modes of leisure, shopping, and spending time with family and loved ones; companies have pivoted to adapt to a more digital approach to doing business and, professionals have found new ways of working that weren’t previously explored before. 

Adapting to new experiences with adopting new ways of safe and healthy living is the way to go. This search for newness includes choosing where we reside, in a place where we can enjoy the benefits of city life while keeping protected within our homes. 

Brought to you by the B&P Property Group™, WV Towers is a new and exclusive residential condominium at the heart of Iloilo City that allows you to get a fresh start at life, with amenities that are the first of its kind in the city.

Living in Iloilo City allows you to escape the old notion that city living means residing in a congested and crowded area, with not enough space and safety for yourself and your family.

Thus, WV Towers reimagines the urban lifestyle by providing modern comforts in a location that still allows you to be safely distanced, with area to breathe, work and play.

What makes WV Towers #TheBetterPlace to start a new life? Here are three reasons why.

1. WV Towers is a low-rise condominium development situated within a township, created especially for WV residents. 

Beautifully-green activation centers never-before seen in Iloilo City will be created within this township. WV Towers will be a swing away, right across the first mini golf park in the city – the perfect fun activity for kids and kids at heart, for individuals or families and friends.

In the future, a fruit orchard will also be created within the township, for families and kids to enjoy the bounty of nature. An art park is also in the works, meant to be an immersive cultural experience for residents while keeping up with a safe, al-fresco setting. On top of these, Iloilo’s first infinity pool and open common spaces are soon to be ready for everyone to enjoy. 

2. WV Towers give condo living an upgraded and improved twist.

While the old times celebrated living in high-rise condominiums packed with residents and compact accommodations, the new way to live best in a condo setting is to enjoy the convenient benefits of condominium life while situating in an uncrowded, properly-distanced living space. WV Towers allow residents to do just that.

Units at the WV Towers are spacious. Studio units have a sizeable 28 square meter area, providing wide, ample room for residents to live, work and play in. Each unit is well ventilated, providing at least one balcony for residents to breathe easily and find comfort in solo spaces, where they can recharge and rejuvenate themselves when needed. 

3. At WV Towers, you are in the hands of people who care about your safety as much as you do. 

All this wealth of space, uncrowded living and township amenities pair well with a development management team who knows what it means to live life the new and improved way. Project management teams in the development provide a brand of service that is distinctly B&P: they ensure that sanitation and safety and health protocols are followed and kept as the new operational norm.

Currently, 50 percent of the units at WV Towers are already sold, with Tower 1 set to be turned over by the fourth quarter of 2021, and Tower 2 by March 2022. 

With so much to look forward to, WV Towers is truly #TheBetterPlace.

Experience life’s best firsts at home by visiting the WV Towers website, bandppropertygroup.com, or through the B&P Property Group™ Facebook page, facebook.com/bandbpropertygroup.