Lessandra: Bringing dream homes closer to Filipinos

Living from a great distance is one of the biggest challenges for Filipino expats working miles away from their own family and country. Considered as modern-day heroes, they sacrifice a great deal to provide a better life for those they left back at home.  

A goal everyone has is to spend their earnings in the best way possible. One of the wisest ways to achieve this is by turning hard-earned money into worthwhile investments, like buying a property back in the Philippines.  

Real Estate in the Philippines 

Stated in 2021 first quarter trend reports of real estate platform Lamudi, demands for housing a step out of the Metro showed a 21% increase compared to start of 2020. This is driven by the desire to invest in a home environment that promotes a healthy and secured lifestyle, a property investment turned into a permanent home, one where safety, comfort, and stability are experienced by the whole family. 

Partial opening of the Central Luzon Link Expressway (CLLEX) on June 14, 2021, courtesy of the Department of Public Works and Highways (DPWH). Photo courtesy of DPWH

Real estate is one of the top investment picks with its low risk yet high return potential. It offers a safety net against inflation as properties increase in value over the years. More than being a permanent home, income generation is also one of the leading factors for horizontal property investors. Taking advantage of strategically placed subdivisions—those closer to prime and business spots, turning owned properties into rental ones can boost alternative income sky high for buyers. 

In line with the “Build, Build, Build” program of the government, 40 flagship projects nationwide will be done by 2022 with 11 completed as of mid-2021, according to Presidential Adviser on flagship programs and project Secretary Vivencio Dizon. Included in the recently opened projects are Metro Manila Skyway Stage 3, an elevated expressway from Buendia, Makati City to the North Luzon Expressway in Balintawak, Quezon City; and Central Luzon Link Expressway (CLLEX), which connects Tarlac and Nueva Ecija within 20 minutes. This shows a positive effect on investment choices and opportunities. The infrastructure progress increases the value of your property even outside the Metro, given the upsides of connectivity, quality of life, and ease of travel time from anywhere in the country. 

There is no better time than today to invest in real estate, as it is one of the low-risk, high reward ventures that works as a home, a source of passive income, and a means to building wealth. With the ongoing pandemic and travel restrictions, buying a property today is even made easier and faster, as the online innovation responses developed safe and swift alternatives when owning a house. It also made investing from great distances possible. 

Homes for Filipinos 

A key player in the Philippine real estate industry and provider of affordable house and lots, Lessandra builds the best homes for Filipinos, offering a space for a maaliwalas life. Anywhere in the country, there is a Lessandra community close to prime spots and nature, bringing dream homes closer to all Filipinos. 

Lessandra homes in communities

Since 2020, the travel restrictions and heightened safety precautions have made it harder for Filipinos overseas to go back home as frequently as they can like the pre-pandemic times. Despite this, owning a house and lot in the Philippines is still made possible in Lessandra. By making transactions available online, there is nothing hindering anyone, especially for Filipino expats, in investing in a Lessandra property in the Philippines. 

With Lessandra’s continuous online innovations, Filipinos all over the world are brought closer to their future Lessandra home. The online innovations made huge physical gaps a problem of the past when it comes to owning a Lessandra house and lot.  

A Series of Online Conveniences 

In just a few taps, quality and affordable house and lot anywhere in the Philippines can be owned, even from overseas. The Lessandra website, and the social media platforms, accommodate inquiries about homes and communities. Clients abroad can expect an instant reply to their messages and a guided step-by-step process in owning a property. 

Going in the Lessandra Virtual Home Tours

Through the Lessandra Virtual Home Tours on the website, homebuyers can explore and navigate Lessandra homes in just a few taps or clicks, at the comfort of their own home. This platform shows a virtual rendering of the properties, with touchpoints to zoom in on the details in each house. Site tours are also available online, through the playlists in the Lessandra Official YouTube channel. These are ready-made actual video tours of the site, a glimpse of the future home location Lessandra offers to its clients from anywhere in the world. 

After identifying the desired home and community, the required forms and documents can be filled out and submitted to the Lessandra Online Reservation Portal. There is an interactive map within the portal, allowing overseas homebuyers to still view their exact lot on the site plan of their chosen community. 

Settling payments can also be done online, through online banking, e-wallets, and more. Lessandra partnered with numerous payment facilities and portals that make payments faster, easier, and more secured for clients. 

Inside Lessandra homes

There is no stopping when it comes to securing a stable future. Bridging physical gaps through online innovations is one of the major pick-ups when it comes to keeping up with the rapidly changing environment.  

Filipinos, even overseas, can start building long-term wealth through investments in house and lots, a goal now easy to achieve given the online conveniences. With Lessandra’s quick response of coming up with an interactive online presence, Filipinos are brought closer to their dream home for their families in their homeland. 

Live in the best! Visit https://www.lessandra.com.ph/ or the Lessandra Facebook Page, @Lessandra, and invest in your dream home today.