Weekend market weakness (Part II)

In the provinces, a weekend market is a magnet for locals and tourists for fresh harvest of fruits and vegetables. In Sagada, woven cloth and smoked pork are sold. In a coastal town in Negros, cattle are up for sale. In Manila, Blumentritt is teeming with people on a Saturday.

But in Makati, Saturday morning means Salcedo Market, Sunday morning is Legazpi. Salcedo Market at the Jaime Velasquez Park, started in 2005 and is a project under the Women of Bel-Air Foundation. Except for some plant stalls, the rest sell exquisite food from regional to international.

Legazpi Sunday Market (LSM) started in the same year in 2005 at Greenbelt as Mara’s Organic Market by Mara Pardo de Tavera. Eventually, Barangay San Lorenzo organized the LSM in a parking lot. Its new location is now behind Corinthian Plaza. Although slightly smaller than Salcedo, Legazpi sells handicrafts, clothes, paintings and antique map reprints aside from food. There are two nearby parks where you can relax after shopping or have a picnic. The tagline of Legazpi Market is “Eat, Shop and Mingle.” The people are friendly and the market is clean. It is definitely a fun place. Sonext weekend, succumb to your weakness and go to the weekend market of your choice !

Legazpi Sunday Market

“Magician Mapmaker”

Some call Per-Andre Hoffmann “Magician of Light” because of his photos which have appeared in countless publications such as National Geographic, Time, Life, and Vogue. His photos include underwater Antarctica, the summit of Mt. Everest, child soldiers in Uganda and many photos of the Philippines, his favorite country. One of his notable photos is that of Fidel Castro puffing a cigar. He has mounted solo exhibitions including one in Ayala Museum. 

Hoffmann is neither map maker nor cartographer but makes quality but affordable reprints of original maps. He is very proud of his reprints of the Murillo-Velarde map of 1734. It is perfectly printed and super detailed in 1:1 original size and assumed paper color. There are no misalignments, no folded or missing parts, no ugly stains, no shadows or discoloration, no folds or tears. All texts are clearly legible. Unlike the usual offset prints with fast fading ink on cheap paper, they use Japanese pigment on heavy German canvas. Frames are handcrafted by Filipinos. The director of the National Museum has seen this map and expressed appreciation of the technical process.

Per-Andre Hoffmann was raised in Brazil and Norway, schooled in the USA and England, studied at the State Academy of Fine Arts in Stuttgart, Germany. 

He has a stall at the Legazpi Sunday Market and can be reached on facebook (Memories of the Orient).

Source : Per-Andre Hoffmann

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Photo from Salcedo Market Facebook page