Manila is second best city in the world with the most number of hidden attractions

Manila has been cited by a luxury hotel website as the second best city in the world for hidden gem attractions.

A research by looked into the world’s capital cities with the most secret attractions to cater for travellers who prefer less crowded destinations.

Manila ranked second on the list and the top destination in Asia with secret attractions with a total of 309 hidden gems.

“With 309 hidden gems across the city, you’ll find plenty of places away from the crowds,” said.

“The highest rated hidden gem in Manila is the San Agustin Museum, where visitors can explore religious and spiritual art and learn about the role of religion within the country,” it added.

Manila is second to London in the UK, which registered a total of 419 hidden gems.

Rome in Italy follows Manila on the list with a total of 228 hidden gems.

Other cities that made it to the top ten include Paris, France with 214 hidden gems; Prague, Czech Republic – 147 hidden gems; Amsterdam, Netherlands – 125 hidden gems; Lisbon, Portugal – 112 hidden gems; Dublin, Ireland – 110 hidden gems; Madrid, Spain – 108 hidden gems; and Hanoi, Vietnam – 98 hidden gems. said the average capital city has 53 gems.

The website used a list of capital cities, paying close attention to those in the most visited countries around the world and looked for each city in Tripadvisor, selecting ‘hidden gems’ within the attraction section.

“This gave us a total number of hidden gem attractions in each city, taking the top-rated attraction as ranked by reviewers for each city, said.