Doubledragon completes phase-3 of Centralhub-Tarlac warehouse complex

DoubleDragon Properties Corp (‘DoubleDragon’ or the ‘Company’) completes Phase-3 of CentralHub-Tarlac with an additional 10,646 square meters of leasable space. DoubleDragon is set to surpass its milestone 1.2 Million square meters of completed GFA (gross floor area) portfolio. 1.2 Million square meters GFA is equivalent to 120 hectares or 12.9 Million square feet of building GFA, this string of hard assets were acquired and constructed mainly in the last 7 years. 

DoubleDragon’s real estate portfolio is seen to become its first core pillar as it is currently in the process of transforming into a holding company in select relevant industries with high growth potential.

We are grateful for the efforts and support of all the stakeholders of DoubleDragon for this milestone, each and every square meter with land acquired and building constructed mainly in the last 7 years are solid bricks that now serves as the core foundation of the hard value of DoubleDragon,” said DoubleDragon Chairman Edgar “Injap” Sia II.

Given the progress that the DoubleDragon team has made despite all the challenges that came its way being a new player in a highly competitive, prohibitive and mature industry, we expect to work towards reaching DoubleDragon’s principal strategic goal of Php120 Billion in Total Equity by 2030, coming from its current Total Equity of Php 59.23 Billion as of March 31, 2021

Actual photo of newly completed CentralHub-Tarlac Phase-3

“Our whole team will continue to be relentless in our pursuit to make all the business units and brands under MerryMart and DoubleDragon a well-loved household brand serving well all its stakeholders and for both to become major contributor to our economy in the years to come,” added Mr. Sia.

2021 is a milestone year for DoubleDragon to be one of the very few companies in the Philippines that owns a portfolio of prime and appreciating hard assets across the country exceeding 1 Million square meters (10.76 Million square feet) leasable GFA.