Pueblo de Oro’s Familia Apartments at Bamboo Lane gets Real Estate Asia Awards citation

Because it has contributed to addressing the backlog in providing quality shelter for the common Filipino, the Familia Apartments at Bamboo Lane, developed by Pueblo de Oro Development Corporation, has won the Special-Purpose Development of the Year – Philippines in the Development Awards category of the recently concluded Real Estate Asia (REA) Awards 2021.

Strategically located at the Pueblo de Oro township in Upper Carmen, Cagayan de Oro, Familia Apartments at Bamboo Lane is an apartment-style condominium complex comprising four mid-rise buildings. A take-off from the best-selling Familia Apartments brand line, it is a vertical socialized housing development in Mindanao conceptualized to embody achievement, inclusivity, and modernization.

Being the first of its kind, the project makes a valuable contribution to the housing sector by addressing the backlog for the common Filipino. The housing development has attained commercial success while addressing the needs of young families and professionals for quality development that is expediently located near public transportation and modern conveniences.

“At Pueblo de Oro, we aim to achieve inclusivity in the developments that we undertake. It is in this spirit that we wish to enhance the well-being of individuals from all walks of life through the housing projects that we do,” the developer said.

Pueblo de Oro continually addresses the modern-day demands of homebuyers as manifested through the Familia Apartments series. It takes pride in ensuring that accessibility and quality are not compromised. The location, aesthetics, and amenities of Familia Apartments reflect quality despite being in the socialized housing segment.

Through this undertaking, Pueblo de Oro was able to efficiently carve out a prime piece of land in its township development to serve and help improve the quality of life of low-income earners.

Presented by Real Estate Asia magazine, the award recognizes the most innovative real estate developments in the Asia Pacific that stand out in the market in the midst of a challenging environment. Other winners from the Philippines include Bria Homes, Grand Land, and New San Jose Builders.