CEMEX: Greening its way to a better future

Climate change has become a buzz word around the world for years now. There is increasing pressure on corporations across the globe to make a difference.

Specifically, carbon neutrality or carbon emission reduction has long been an environmental issue and many environmentalists all over the world have called for a heavier hand from influential companies to get involved in coming up with solutions.

CEMEX, as a company rooted in sustainability, heeds this call and wishes to set an example in an industry that may be deemed difficult to ‘greenify’.

It has come up with a climate program dubbed Future in Action, as part of its commitment of taking action for the environment.

In a recent interview with Property Report PH, CEMEX Philippines CEO Ignacio Mijares trumpeted CEMEX’s sustainability efforts and contributions in ‘greenifying’ the cement industry.

‘Building the nation’

CEMEX Philippines, a listed company in the country, has laid down specific action plans on climate action, emphasizing its cement innovations.

For example, Mijares said, the company has come out with product formulations that reduce CO2 but perform better as well as partnerships with other companies and LGUs to make reduced CO2 emissions a reality.

CEMEX Philippines CEO Ignacio Mijares

“In the grand scheme of things, these steps are starting points for other companies in the same industry to take, because when more and more influential companies play a bigger role in sustainability and caring for the environment, Building the Nation becomes an easier task – one best done together,” Mijares said.

Globally, CEMEX has committed to reduce its CO2 per ton of cement by 35 percent in 2030 or earlier, and achieving zero carbon emissions by 2050. Climate action also falls under the One Global Agenda, which include Health & Safety, Diversity, Innovation, and Urbanization Solutions.

In the Philippines, CEMEX has already reduced carbon emissions through its co-processing facilities and waste management programs, Mijares added.

As part of these efforts, CEMEX Philippines will use cement with lower clinker content but which will perform better. Cement products with less clinker show less environmental impact.

“Over the next few months, we will be launching these new products,” Mijares said.

It will also use more alternative waste including plastic waste and alternative fuel for its operations.

This way, the company would be able to eliminate plastic waste which usually just go into rivers and other bodies of water.

In all, Mijares, recognized the importance of sustainability and climate action.

He emphasized that CEMEX’s continuous commitment to Build the Nation Together is also manifested through leaving a transformative impact to the communities.

Just recently, CEMEX conducted a tree planting activity around its APO Cement Plant in Naga, Cebu.

The activity took place last month in celebration of the Philippine Environment Month and the Annual Arbor Day.

The initiative was led by CEMEX’s APO Cement Security team. Throughout the properties of APO, especially those undergoing rehabilitation, several fruit-bearing trees are slated to be planted.

The first batch of trees planted by the team were in Sitio Sindulan, Barangay Tinaan. From 100 trees upon the inception of the activity, 600 trees have since been planted, with the goal of planting a total of 1,000 trees by the end of 2021 through a monthly tree planting activity.

Some of the tree saplings planted are trees endemic to the area, like narra trees, molave (tugas), white silk cotton trees, jackfruit trees, duhat trees, and more.

This tree planting activity is among many initiatives of CEMEX to achieve its goal of contributing to the action against climate change.

“The initiative really has a big impact on the communities within Cebu and in their environment. This also contributes to an overall better environment for this generation and the next,” Mijares said.

Over the next five years, CEMEX will continue to revolutionize its products and use more alternative fuels and renewable energy.

“It’s all about building a better future….We are very proud to be part of this company and to be part of nation building,” Mijares said.