Camella and the great Filipino dream

The great Filipino dream has always been to have a roof on one’s head, one’s very own home. It’s been said that when a father visits the home of his grown-up son, he has come full circle, successfully raising a child to become a responsible adult.

It’s no surprise therefore that some Filipinos endure the hardships of toiling in distant lands, overland and overseas, far away from their loved ones, to be able to build a home and a bright future for themselves and for their families.

In 1975, or just a little since the Philippine labor migration started and Filipinos left to seek greener pastures abroad, Villar-owned Camella Homes was born and became part of that Filipino dream.


Indeed, owning a home became a dream and owning a Camella home became a status symbol for many. It was a concrete example of success, the culmination of years of working abroad.

It became part of that aspirational lifestyle. For some Filipinos, it wasn’t simply owning a home. The dream didn’t stop at that. The bigger and aspirational target was to own a Camella.

The reasons are varied as they are endless.

Camella homes are located in gated communicities across the country, making a Camella ownership a viable investment option, which is affordable and with easy payment terms.

Its first development was in Las Piñas, a single detached house and lot, sold to a seafarer. The house still stands and perhaps the seafarer has long retired, enjoying the fruits of his labor in a home he calls his own.

Today, Camella is the nation’s leading homebuilder.

As it approaches its 45th year in 2022, Camella continues to help countless Filipinos realize their dream of owning a home in communities that not only give them and their loved one’s convenience, safety, and security but also provide valuable long-term investment returns.

The brand continues to improve its offerings, choosing even better locations, in even more vibrant communities.

To date, Camella has built over 500,000 homes in 49 provinces and 147 cities and municipalities across the country and the number continues to grow.

Overseas filipinos

This is because overseas Filipinos and Filipinos in general continue to dream that great Filipino dream.

For most OFWs — there are roughly 11-12 million Filipinos all over the world — part of that dream is still to come home to the Philippines one day, to have a home of their own and to enjoy the fruits of their labor.

Many have made that dream come true and not even the pandemic could stop Filipinos from toiling in distant lands.

In fact, many OFWs are already second and third generation OFWs. They follow in the footsteps of their parents and like them, they, too want to succeed and achieve their dreams for their own children.

Thus, Camella remains one of the popular choices for overseas Filipinos. While other property developers have since sprouted, Filipinos, at the end of the day, want a house and lot in a gated subdivision in a community where everything is within reach.


The location is a major consideration for many homebuyers. They don’t want to live in communities located in the fringes or in isolated areas reachable only after driving for hours on end or after a long, tiring commute.

They want to be in urban communities with an air of vibrancy and modern-day city life, near coffee shops, malls and schools.

Indeed, you can find Camella in areas that not only possess high potential for growth but also communities that suit your needs and lifestyle. While they may not be in city centers, they are certainly within short driving distances to these places.


When Camella builds communities, it builds for its residents’ upgraded lifestyle. It makes sure that the evolving Filipino desires and growing affluence are all just a short distance from one’s home.

These aren’t gated subdivisions with no other life beyond the gates. Malls and places of tourism are short distances away.

In fact, these are usually in areas that are connected and WIFI-ready. One need not worry about living like hermits or being isolated from friends and families in nearby cities.

Camella communities likewise boast of amenities — a club house with function room, a swimming pool and other play areas.

And to meet the demands of the new normal, these communities are also being redeveloped and ramped up to have more greenery and open spaces.

Safe and secure

Every Camella community is also safe and secure, with its guarded entrance gates equipped with CCTVs, perimeter fences, and round-the-clock roving security guards.

One can enjoy worry free lives every single day.

Wise investment

Camella properties promise to be a wise investment.

Each home built by Camella, the company says, is marked by quality, designed to appreciate over time. As more communities are developed, the land value likewise increases, making homeownership for many Filipinos truly rewarding.

The Villar Group also ensures that in every Camella community, there are nearby commercial establishments like Vista Malls and retail outlets such as AllHome and AllDay, as well as coffeeshops, like Coffee Project.

Value for money

Priced at P3 million for a 128-square meter house and lot with two bedrooms and toilet and baths, up to P9 million for a five-bedroom house on a 309-sqm house and lot, a Camella home is indeed value for money.

In all, these benefits of owning a Camella home give Filipinos a chance to create a well-rounded life — the best return one can ever have for one’s hard-earned money.

A roof on one’s head

More than just creating residential communities, Camella’s primary purpose is to fulfill every Filipino’s dream of having a home that serves as an attestation of their success and triumph.

Villar believes that the Filipino can dream just as much as other people. Moreover, he said, the Filipino can enjoy an aspirational lifestyle as people do in other countries.

Filipinos deserve to live in their own homes and enjoy world-class lifestyle malls, Villar says.

Camella Manors

In recent years, Camella further expanded its reach within the mid-segment market by adding vertical property developments in its roster of high quality and value-for-money offerings.

Camella proudly introduced Camella Manors, Vista Land’s newest affordable and mid-rise condominium development, targeting starting families, young professionals, the so-called power singles and the wise investors.

Like every Camella development, the locations of Camella Manors are near malls and other establishments.

Carrying the Camella legacy, Camella Manors are in developments that are top-quality vertical villages in highly urbanized locations nationwide along commercial strips and accented with stylish resort-themed amenities.

“It’s all about living outside the box,” Villar says.

Quite literally, with Camella Manors, one does not feel confined in impossibly small dwellings.  The units are mid-rise with seven to 15 storeys with sizes ranging from 24 square meters for a P3.5 million studio unit, 30-sqm for a P4.3 million one-bedroom and a 52-sqm two-bedroom unit.

Camella Manors also fills a need especially in this “new normal,” as it was born from a concept of creating a lifestyle where staying in feels just like going out.

Thus, in the time of the “new normal” where staying indoors is more important than ever, Camella Manors ensures that having all of life’s comforts are a mere stone’s throw away from one’s home.

The development also capitalizes on the preferred work-from-home arrangements where most Metro Manila city dwellers are now moving back to their hometowns while still practicing their professions in a less crowded location.

The demand for condominiums has risen drastically and will only continue to rise given the accessibility and convenience it presents.

Camella Manors is strategically located amidst malls, restaurants, groceries and other establishments to make life easier.

Today, Camella Manors is spread across seven urban villages in Luzon, Visayas, and Mindanao.

With several affordable condo for sale projects streamlined to be announced in the near future, Camella Manors is set to be the next big player in the condominium market.

Camella, The dreamer’s home

With these offerings, Camella is still the enduring and timeless home brand long aspired for by many Filipinos especially overseas Filipinos who continue to journey across the world to make it back home and achieve that great Filipino dream.