Families and Nature Thrive in Seafront Residences, Batangas

Families are now opting to live away from crowded city centers due to the pandemic. For families and property seekers who yearn for the freedom and safety of the outdoors and who have a special regard for nature, the good news is that paradise is just two and a half hours from Metro Manila.

Seafront Residences by AboitizLand, located in Brgy. Calubcub II, San Juan, Batangas, takes resort-inspired living further because of its pawikan nature reserve. 

The entire 43-hectare beachside development, has been officially designated as a prime nesting ground for endangered olive ridley sea turtles.

Although pawikans are known to have a long life span, many hatchlings don’t survive to adulthood, driving the marine turtles to near extinction. They are also known to be very sensitive to sea conditions and could alter their behavior when choosing nesting sites. 

AboitizLand understands that maintaining paradise entails commitment and community engagement, which is why the seawater and shorelines at Seafront Residences are properly maintained to enable sea turtles to nest there every year. 

Aside from daily clean-ups, AboitizLand “adopts” nests found along the shorelines outside the development so that these can be adequately managed and the hatchlings safely released back into the sea.

All these efforts are part of a five-year Pawikan Conservation Project, a  partnership with Aboitiz Foundation, the Department of Environment and Natural Resources, and the University of the Philippines Diliman Institute of Environmental Science and Meteorology.  

Within three years of the program, AboitizLand has completed the profiling of sea turtles in the area and their nesting sites, and has also created beach zones to identify and evaluate safe areas.

Restorative Recreation         

The environment-sensitive master plan of Seafront Residences was developed by Florida-based DPZ CoDesign, a thought leader on New Urbanist communities. 

Blessed with a vista of Mt. Banahaw and Tayabas Bay, the beachside retreat in Batangas offers residents an enriching, restorative work-from-paradise lifestyle with options for biking along interconnected pathways, safe social distancing in shared spaces and lush pocket parks, and running essential errands at the Seafront Town Center. 

The following recreational amenities at Seafront Residences also contribute to the vecinos’ sense of belonging and wellbeing: a basketball court, the Seafront Crest Clubhouse, and diamond and transect parks. The beachfront clubhouse, which is equipped with a roof deck with a viewing tower, houses a play area, multi-purpose hall, an infinity pool, kids’ pool, pool deck, and function rooms.